The packaging did not know when it became a fashionable vocabulary, and it was not just a matter of listening. The economic benefits from the packaging were even more eye-catching. For example, the sky cake moon cake that the state administers last year was originally intended to buy moon cakes. As a result, the child has grown up and the value of packaging has far exceeded that of the product itself. Is it reasonable whether such a phenomenon is normal? From the perspective of economics, business behavior should be a kind of action based on the laws of the market, as long as the market can accept any form is possible, but the market here refers to a relatively complete, mature market, and some At that time, the intangible value of the brand has far exceeded the value of the commodity itself, but the market is acceptable and the consumer has no dissatisfaction. Think this is allowed.

The foregoing said that it was under perfect and mature market conditions, but even under such conditions, the rationality of such things should be viewed from the perspective of social adjustment and distribution, and the grades of commodities were greatly increased. With the wide distribution of social income distribution, the rich people spend more money to buy brand-name treasures, pay more consumption tax, which is conducive to the secondary distribution of society, so if the value orientation of the packaging is located in the high-income class I think it is acceptable, and it can even be said that there are certain benefits to the society. However, if such a kind of value orientation is used indiscriminately, it is an inappropriate market business behavior.

Especially in China, doing so in some special industries is totally unacceptable. High-grade cigarettes and liquor do not need to be said. It takes a long time to get a shirt that can be worn for a long time. The ordinary people’s daily life-related supplies are completely unnecessary to reflect such a high packaging value. The small point is to make the ordinary people pay more money, to speak louder, and not meet the requirements of a conservation-oriented society. However, to say that, since It is a market that can compete more fully. There is plenty of room for different grades of goods to be selected. This situation is still acceptable. However, some are unacceptable.

For example, drugs. Recently, the family was sick and needed treatment. My personal experience made me feel deeply concerned about this. When I went to take Chinese medicine and watched the pharmacist put the blindly-disposed herbal medicine on a very ordinary wrapping paper, my memory suddenly went back for several decades. I remember the packaging of the dim sum, including the moon cake. Packaged, some things are not packaged at all, and sometimes the so-called package may be a string of paper. Looking at the pharmacist's skillfully packed hands, he wondered why Western medicine's kind of small paper medicine bag is becoming less and less. When I went to take the western medicine, I opened it. The doctor said that it would take one month's worth of medicine. As a result, the medicine in one box was only enough for a few days, one medicine in a carton, ten medicines, and two medicines a day. A box can only handle five days. Since medical treatment has a time limit for the treatment of drugs, why can't medicines remove the needed medicines from a large package as before, and then simply package them as they have been or as before? The long-term medical treatment is a special kind of consumption. There is no point of poverty. In front of the disease, medication is used. If you have to open the grade of medicines, then why shouldn't the majority of the people think about it and make simple packaging?

Here's to talk about the packaging of medicines. In the method of increasing the price of drugs, changing the packaging is one of the most common means of raising prices. I remember that the earliest packaged drugs were generally a box of two plates. In general, a box could handle a treatment course. However, this time I discovered that there was only one board in a box, and there was no match with the course of the disease. There was only one explanation for this. That was to make the patient pay more, but the hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies thought about it. Most of the people who are sick are still minors. Therefore, it is entirely inappropriate to earn patients' money through the packaging of drugs. When I went to the payment office to pay for the medicine, when the young doctor gave me a package of medicine in a box and box, I felt a little coldness in my heart eroding myself. Suddenly emerged the old Chinese pharmacist's skilled wrapping paper. What a hot move? !

I remember that in the Jewish book Talmud there was a saying: "In ancient times, apart from understanding, sympathy, and personal kindness, there are not many things doctors can give to patients." In modern times, doctors treat patients except for patients. In addition to sick drugs, give the patient an expensive package? He himself had already realized why the feeling of the two hands was different. The pharmacist who packaged the Chinese medicine was packaging the medicine for the patient. When thinking about the packaging, he must be thinking whether the patient’s illness could be eliminated. The slender hands sticking out of the pharmacy's window seemed to be asking for something.

The packaging of drugs should also come from a packaging management. From production to hospitals, all think about patients, not to say that they do not need packaging. It is to say that what is needed is for the sake of patients, not for the sake of monetary benefits. . I tried it myself, even if the medicine box I took was not changed, it could hold two plates of medicine. Can we change the orientation of similar packaging values?

Look at the development of PET packaging in the next ten years from the food and packaging value chain

Usually, we are accustomed to analyzing problems faced by independent companies or industries, and less from the perspective of the system to study broader and deeper influencing factors and their connections. In fact, many companies face challenges or industry problems that need to be viewed and understood from a broader perspective in order to sneak in and focus on the core. For example, the concept of value chains and stakeholders is an ideal tool with intuitive advantages. Grasping the overall change from these concepts is very important for senior managers who are responsible for corporate strategy and overall market strategy.

This article intends to discuss and analyze the opportunities faced by the Chinese food market and its changing trends from the perspective of the general supplier of the PET container packaging system to the value chain of the food producer, namely the consumer brand owner. It may be possible to urge relevant industry leaders to think about how to maintain a stable and profitable PET food packaging market. The ten-year lock-in period is due to the major expansion opportunities that the Chinese food industry is about to usher in and the global events like the Olympic Games.

The packaging industry itself is an auxiliary industry. It must serve and subordinate to the development of the main industry, such as the food processing industry. In order to grow healthily, packaging companies must deeply understand the development of the core industry. Packaging is the most direct tool for food marketing. The macro development trend of the food market and the micro profitability of the company will directly influence the choice of packaging or the trend of investment. Fierce market competition results in a thin profit in the food industry, which poses a great challenge to the new investment and upgrading of the packaging industry. The close relationship between the food industry and the packaging industry exceeds that of any other industry. Objectively, both parties must seek for a win-win situation and synchronization to form the closest value chain.

PET container packaging, with its high market value positioning and excellent technical characteristics, has become the fastest growing food packaging form in the world. Although only a few decades in China, it has become the fastest growing packaging industry. Of course, PET container packaging is not only facing the pressure of the evolution of plastics technology, but also facing fierce competition from market trials and other forms of packaging. If it can create value for the entire system in the value chain, for example, the value of its added value among consumers, the retail industry and the industrial sector, its development is bound to go smoothly. The PET container packaging industry must be keen to grasp the subtle but essential changes in the main food industry. The market never lacks challenges.

The film has excellent heat sealing performance and excellent transparency, is one of the main packaging composite base materials, used in the production of high-temperature boiling film, vacuum aluminum coating film, the market is very optimistic.Moreover, with the development of domestic production equipment, some of the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.As a result, the threshold to enter the film production is lower and lower.Because of this, some enterprises rush to import the flow of film production line in order to reach the designated position, the higher the level, the better, while leaving the market demand and the return on investment aside, which will cause huge waste of resources.

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