Since gray has neither hue nor saturation in the three attributes of color and is a neutral color (also referred to as "achromatic"), it is sometimes said that the gray balance is a neutral gray balance.

The function of gray balance is to indirectly control all the hue on the entire screen by controlling the gray part of the screen. It is a measure of whether color separation plate and color sleeve are correct or not. It is the principle that all processes in the entire process of data reproduction and standardization comply and implement.

The principle of gray balance

Theoretically speaking, if the two colors are complementary to each other, then the two colors are mixed in the proper proportions, and the color will change to a neutral color. This means that when two colors are complementary to each other, they are mixed. There is also a balance issue. Otherwise, it will not appear neutral grey. However, it is not the balance of the three primary colors, but the balance of the two complementary colors. In fact, the two complementary colors are converted into neutral gray after being mixed in appropriate amounts, which is the basis of all gray balance. The gray balance of the three primary colors is also a method of using color synthesis and finally they are attributed to the balance of complementary colors.

The basic relationship between each color plate in the green, yellow, and black color separations is called gray balance, and many color printers do not understand the gray balance very well. The gray balance refers to the generation of neutral grays. The required density values ​​of cyan, magenta, and yellow, these values ​​being high or low can cause color shifts in the entire image.

The color separation workers use the relationship between the yellow, green, and blue color separation sheets that can produce neutral grays as a color separation basis, and the color balance is limited by this color balance when the color separation sheets reproduce various colors. The more information the color separation worker has on the job to be copied, such as ink, printing material, and print test, the smoother the color separation will be. However, if the color balance of the color separation sheet is not well understood, the image will look It will not be good.

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