Alibaba Group recently announced the official launch of the "Code on Tao" strategy and the "Code on Tao" platform. Ali said that through this platform, users can connect their mobile phones, TVs, PCs, offline stores and other terminals with Ali's back-end transaction system, cloud computing, big data and other infrastructure to form a closed loop of 020 transactions. Alibaba also announced the first five applications of the first phase of "Code on Tao", including commodity codes, service codes, code on stores, interactive codes and media codes.

"Code on Tao" is provided by Alibaba Group with technical support and operation support of the commodity library, and is distributed by third-party logistics. As early as April, Alibaba launched a “code on Tao” business with 12 mainstream paper media in six cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Jinan, and opened its commodity library resources for cooperative media. Readers only need to open the "Mobile Taobao" and scan the Taobao codes of related products in the newspaper to complete the shopping and payment links on the mobile phone.
Zhang Yong, Chief Operating Officer of Alibaba Group, said, "Based on Alibaba Group's massive commodity library accumulated over the years, a complete e-commerce ecosystem, and cloud computing big data capabilities, codes are no longer just simple business card functions. Any code is a terminal. "

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