[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The taste of a man is also like the beauty of a woman. Life is a way for them to enjoy life. The cloakroom is a space for them to show their unique charm. So we found that More and more male elements, masculine qualities appear and are active in the design of the cloakroom. The precipitation of the years not only makes women have the beauty of a lifetime, but also makes the rational men show the charm of maturity.

Octave Space - Matte Paint Cappuccino High Gloss Paint Black

Men's cloakroom design

What makes everyone undoubted is that women always have a feeling of being unshielded in the cloakroom. Clothes for women are their spiritual food, and they are the graceful figure of their graceful style. They don't need to cherish the delicacies, but they have an unsatisfied attitude towards the next dress. I don't know who summed up a sentence: there is always one less piece of clothing in a woman's closet , and there is never a pair of shoes. It’s a bit of a parsing of the women’s minds, not only for clothes, but also for women’s wardrobes, and they want to be the pockets of Doraemon. I hope that everything can be installed and everything can be Changed out, just because women love their clothes, like shoes, have a never-ending desire to buy.

Style & Color Shows Male Charm Space

Overall cloakroom design

The taste of men represents their position, which is a way of demonstrating their intangible wisdom and wealth. It seems that everyday and simple dressing is all there is to be. In some extraordinary occasions, a decent man will give him some diplomatic advantage. Therefore, with the increase of men’s clothing and other "heads", the cloakroom also They are increasingly favored by them, from clothing, shoes and hats, bags, to accessories such as ties, watches, glasses, etc., all need a reasonable space plan for placement.

Style is the most important factor for men when choosing a cloakroom, followed by function and color. For men, most of them like to have a strong three-dimensional sense, the overall style of the mature cloakroom, so those deep-colored, simple lines of walk-in cloakrooms are popular among them. Perhaps because men are more rational than women, so in terms of color choice, men like to be dominated by classic brown and black, seemingly restrained, steady, and atmospheric.

Material & Detail Highlights Men's Lifestyle

Bedroom cloakroom design

The classic matt lacquered cappuccino and high-gloss lacquered black showcases the modern and modern style of the octave space series. It not only continues the latest international fashion trends, but also makes the design more beautiful and chic, simple and stylish design. Style, let it be in the overall home atmosphere!

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