[Net foreign toys Reuters July 2 this summer to stimulate the most intense, exciting is not only the World Cup, it is in full swing at the World Cup, "Transformers 4" grand release, news reports from a few days to see its box office There is a good chance of breaking the record, and the audience’s love for Transformers is self-evident. This has created an anime image with a history of 30 years, and its supporting development of derivative toys has attracted much attention.

Fiery "Transformers 4" movie poster

The classic image is enduring

In the 1980s, the classic "Transformers" series of cartoons were released in China, and since then, a large number of fans of Transformers have been trained in China. Transformers' toys are the collective memories of that generation. Until 2007, the release of the "Transformers" live-action movie, the shocking picture and sound effects, and the thrilling plot re-emerged the fans' desire for Transformers, and the Transformers toy market gradually became a fire.

a Transformer model toy

Unique charm leads to hot sales

The reporter checked the relevant information of "Transformers" entering China. As early as 1986, the sales of Transformers toys in the United States reached 1.6 billion US dollars. Until the 1987 "Transformers" affiliated American toy company Hasbro found CCTV, but However, he was rejected because of fighting and excessive war scenes. They donated the "Transformers" cartoons to Shanghai TV Station for the first, second and third seasons, provided that they sell toys synchronously in Shanghai. In 1988, Hasbro authorized the Guangzhou Toy Factory to manufacture, and the Transformers toys sold in major shopping malls were snapped up.

Price difference highlights crazy enthusiasts

The reporter understands that most of the Transformers sold on the market today are models of film and reissue versions produced in recent years, and the price is between 200 and 400 yuan. The replicas are made in accordance with the original G1 model, each with a stamp on it and marked with the production date and number. A Transformers enthusiast introduced: "The production age and number of the label determine the value of this Transformers, the age of the Transformers is relatively high value, like the 1984 version of the G1 version of Transformers, the current market price has reached 100,000. Comparable to the price of a car."

Transformers model toy crazy enthusiasts

Accompanied by the fierceness of "Transformers 4", there are a lot of characters in the film, manufacturers also racked their brains to produce different styles of toy derivatives. In the toy professional B2B trade platform Chinese and foreign toys online, search for "Transformers" a keyword, there have been more than 300 results, more than 100 kinds of toys related to Transformers in the product exhibition hall, there are remote control cars , hand models, plastic dolls, Game machines , masks and other different types. Meet the multi-faceted purchasing needs of the business. (Lu Zhiyi Wen Zhe)

Search for "Transformers" up to 300 results in Chinese and foreign toy nets

Chinese and foreign toy net products showroom, a variety of Transformers toys

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