In June, there were continuous heavy rainfall processes in several southern provinces. 11 provinces including Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, and Chongqing were affected to varying degrees, with Fujian, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Hunan, and Guangxi being more serious.

Heavy rains have hidden hidden dangers for geological disasters, and have also adversely affected local specialty stores. In the Jiangxi market, a shop owner who has been operating for many years reluctantly said: "The heavy rain brought me the lowest record of daily sales since the store opened." On the surface, the unusual rainy season “puts out” sales, but in fact, instead of complaining about the weather, it is better to start from the store itself, actively adjust the response, and increase the ability to withstand the external environment.

   Rain has been down, sales are frustrated

      An agent said that many areas in Jiangxi began to rain from the end of March and early April. The bad weather lasted for more than two months, and even in April, it rained for 17 days. Several shop owners have already told him that the long rainy season this year has caused a big impact on sales.

Weiwei Makeup has 8 chain stores in Nanchang. In May and June of last year, it was the peak season for sales. The monthly sales of single stores can reach an average of 170,000 yuan. This year, due to weather factors, it has dropped to about 140,000 yuan. "This set the worst record for Weiwei's sales season." Ding Xiaomei, the owner of the shop, sat in the main store on Nanjing West Road, and his expression was helpless. In the same “rainy down” Jiujiang, the show shop, which is popular among local women, also showed a significant decline in sales. “In April, May and June, it was affected by the degree of inability, and sales fell by 10%-15%” Store sales manager Wang Fei revealed.

For conventional products, the weather factor has little effect, but for seasonal products such as sunscreen, the long rainy season has obviously damped its sales momentum. Compared with previous years, the sales of sunscreen, antiperspirant body lotion and hair removal products have dropped significantly. "At this time last year, sunscreen products sold very well. No way, the weather conditions determined the demand." A clerk said. Another problem is that sunscreen creams, antiperspirant body lotions and other seasonal products are difficult to promote. These products are relatively single-distributed, not easy to combine, and the effect is not obvious when starting activities.

Summer is the peak season for mask sales. Fan Zhiling, head of the mask brand marine legend Fujian District, told reporters that the national market sales of marine legends this year have increased slightly compared with the same period of the previous year, but the areas such as Fujian have been affected by weather factors. "The impact of terminal sales is positive. In the days when the water level was high, several stores close to Jiangxi even closed down for two or three days." Fan Zhiling admits that compared with big stores, small stores such as campus stores are more susceptible. In particular, there are more self-employed households in the Fujian market, and the overall planning is relatively lacking, so the impact is even more obvious.

The poor sales of the specialty stores caused some pressure on the agents. A domestic terminal brand agent who did not want to be named told the reporter that in the first half of the year, the company had a situation of “difficulties in collecting money”, and the influence of weather factors could not be ignored. Nanchang Shengmei makeup industry has more than 90 customers in the county towns and township daily chemical shops with a domestic brand name. The shipments of the brand in March, April and May are 130,000 yuan, 90,000 yuan and 80,000 respectively. yuan. "Three months of continuous decline, according to the truth should be more and more." Qiu Junjie, the company's general manager, said that although most stores choose to do more promotions to increase overall sales, but the results are minimal.

The influence of weather factors has caused the shopkeepers to complain. Most shop owners said that the sales shock caused by the long rainy season has an impact on all businesses in the region. It is not just a daily chemical industry. This is unavoidable, only to a certain extent. Lu Nanming, chairman of Guangdong Yalijie Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. believes that, in the final analysis, there is a problem in the management structure of the store itself, so it is obviously affected and needs to be adjusted.

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