Counterfeit products have caused serious losses to countries, businesses and consumers. Fighting is the protection of the interests of countries, enterprises, and consumers. It is an inevitable requirement for legitimate and orderly competition. If a brand name product does not use effective anti-counterfeiting measures, it may be affected by a large number of counterfeit products, which will greatly damage the image of the product.

With the transition from extensive to intensive business operations, the management of distribution channels is limited to the constraints of technology and means. Most enterprises still use traditional modes and management methods at the initial stage of their operations. These methods are based on efficiency and cost. The disadvantages such as controllability are increasingly prominent. Therefore, changes in the market environment have set new requirements for the company's channel management methods. Xiangrun Electronic Technology has made concrete and feasible solutions to this problem.

Product bar code anti-counterfeiting label management can help enterprises to strictly monitor and control the orderly flow of key commodities in the distribution network, improve the company's channel management, and reduce and avoid channel risks. The system uses accurate 2D barcode technology to accurately and confidentially identify key products. Through the commodity inspection function of the branch offices in other places, it can effectively prevent cross-regional product sales and counterfeiting, and prevent the impact of counterfeiting.

1, create a unique identifier

The company attaches a unique label bar code label on each product. The barcode label can be encrypted one-dimensional code or encrypted two-dimensional code, including product variety information, production information, serial number, sales information, etc. , 2D barcodes can record more detailed product sales areas, sales managers, key accessory serial numbers, and other data and information, thereby adding a unique, complete, confidential identity and attribute identifier to the product.

One-dimensional code recording information capacity of about 20, two-dimensional code recording information capacity of several hundred.

2, out of storage management

With bar code labels, companies can quickly monitor bar codes through out-of-the-box reading, logistics, and logistics, and enable each business network in the distribution network to have a powerful commodity verification function. It is necessary to check and match the product sales area, product attributes, etc. The verification function will be implemented through a portable barcode scanning terminal or a laptop computer plus a barcode scanner.

3, sales management

Distribution companies can achieve comprehensive, effective, and secure management and monitoring of the entire process of product distribution by combining 2D barcode technology with invoicing software and corporate wide area networks. And further valuable data such as warehousing, logistics, sales, and refunds are provided to provide valuable statistical information, data, and statements for the business decisions of the company's headquarters. Specific functions will include distribution area management (regional management, responsible person management), regional performance management, personal performance management, and report management.

4, commodity security

The system first implements anti-counterfeiting features through one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar codes. After the enterprise encrypts the one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, other personnel cannot obtain the data and information in the two-dimensional barcode when the key cannot be obtained. In addition, since the 2D barcodes of each product are different and related to unique and specific information such as parts and serial numbers, it is difficult for other personnel to forge or reproduce optically. And in the database records the logistics of each bar code, counterfeit bar code no database records, it is easy to check the system processing, automatic alarm.

The system also supports code anti-counterfeiting. When a company prints a label, it also generates a serial number and pastes it on the product. The end user can check the legitimacy of the serial number by dialing the service hotline. In addition, the company can also establish a security check website for customers to log in to check the product serial number.

5, after-sales service

The after-sales service department scans the encrypted 2D barcode and obtains information such as the source and attributes of the goods stored in the barcode label, so as to perform comprehensive and rigorous identification and confirmation of the repaired goods so as to ensure that the company’s interests are not damaged and effectively improve. Customer service quality.

When the product has quality problems or feedback from the end user, the system can provide information feedback channels such as voice calls, e-mail, and WEB. After receiving the report, the service center records and processes the information. Specifically, computer telephony integration technology CTI, customer relationship management, and product quality management technologies will be used.

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