Starch content analyzer product introduction:

Uses: Quickly and accurately measure, calculate and print the starch content, specific gravity, dry matter and moisture of various food crops such as potato and grain.

Combination: Flexible combination, the host can choose notebook or desktop, after the production period, the host can be used for other purposes.

Storage: The memory is more than 9 million times of the original single-chip type!

Display: LCD screen, full-screen Chinese display guidance operation (domestic only)!

Starch content analyzer features:

The world's accepted measurement formulas and measurement parameters are integrated inside the instrument.

The parameters can be adjusted on-site, eliminating the cumbersome mailing process that was previously used to program the chip.

The measurement process takes only four steps, which is efficient, fast and accurate.

The same principle can be used to measure the starch content of any variety of crops and other data.

The whole Chinese character interface is displayed, and the mouse click operation prevents the vibration error caused by the button.

Starch content analyzer technical parameters:

Maximum range: 20Kg; weighing accuracy: ±5g;

Power consumption of the whole machine: <100W; Power supply: AC220V±10% 50/60Hz

Instrument installation

Turn off all power before installing the instrument.

Pass the hook through the hole in the lower part of the table and connect it to the internal sensor of the instrument.

Plug one end of the usb extension cable into the USB port of the computer and the other end into the usb port on the back of the instrument box.

Starch content analyzer steps:

1. Measurement process:

When the basket is in the air, click “Start Detection 1” and “Empty Basket Heavy Weight” value is stable, then click “End Detection 1”.

Put the basket into the water and click “Start Detection 2”. After the “empty basket water weight” value is stable, click “End Detection 2”.

When the basket and the object are in the air, click “Start detection 3” and “The actual weight of the basket” is stable, then click “End detection 3”.

Put the basket and objects into the water, and click “Start Detection 4”. After the “Basket Water Weight” value is stable, click “End Detection 4”.

If the measurement process is correct, the system automatically calculates and displays: specific gravity, starch, dry matter and moisture values.

Click the “Retest” button to perform a new measurement process.

2. Calibration sensor:

Click the “Enter Calibration Screen” button to display the calibration sensor interface.

First make sure that there are no heavy objects except the empty basket on the hook.

Click the “Start First Step” button and click the “End First Step” button when the value above changes slightly.

A weight of 1000 grams (or equivalent weight) is placed on the hook.

Click the "Start second step" button, and when the value above changes slightly, you can click the "End second step" button.

Click the “End this calibration to return to the main interface” button to return to the measurement interface.

3. Set parameters:

Click the “Set Parameter Interface” button on the multi-function detector interface to display the parameter setting interface.

Click each of the down arrows to set the corresponding parameters in turn by selecting the value.

If it is determined that the set parameters are correct, click the “OK Save Data” button to save the set parameters.

If the setting parameters are incorrect, you can click the "Restore original data" button to restore our factory parameters.

Click “Return to Measurement Interface” to return to the measurement interface.

Note: This parameter can be set by the company's personnel, otherwise it will affect the measurement results!!

Disclaimer: According to the international measurement standard, the measured specific gravity value should be between 1 and 1.5. If it is not within this range, the measurement is incorrect or not suitable for the measurement. And the crops will have different results due to differences in geographical conditions. Please communicate with the company in time to correct the parameters.

Starch content analyzer standard configuration:


2. Hook

3. Mouse

4. Test basket

5. Instrument box;

6.usb cable

Note: The user needs to prepare a bucket, the height and width can be filled with water, the test basket can be fully immersed and not in contact with the barrel wall; another set of desktop with bracket (the desktop needs to be excavated with the instrument) Corresponding round holes), the height of the table should be greater than the sum of the heights of the above buckets and the test basket (total height is about 1 meter), and the width of the table should be larger than the diameter of the configured bucket.

Note on starch content analyzer:

1. Always test the test sample quickly before measurement, without sediment.

2. The weighing object should not be too large, less than 20 kg, otherwise it will damage the sensor.

3. When measuring, ensure that there is no impurity in the test basket, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy.

4. If the water quality is turbid during the measurement, please replace the water in time and measure.

5. After using the device, if the instrument is not used for a long time, the power should be turned off.

6. The measurement results of this instrument should not be used as actual production conclusions, which can be used as a reference.

7. The instrument can be used as a pricing standard at the time of acquisition.


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