After the Spring Festival, the cold air retreated and the warm and humid air flow quickly counterattacked, causing the temperature to rise and the air humidity to increase, which is the familiar weather back to the south. The weather is the phenomenon of the weather returning, resulting in the often wet feeling of furniture, floors, glass , So the moisture resistance in spring is the key. Let's take a look at the three recommended home appliances that Xiaobian recommends to everyone, away from moisture.

Recommended products 1. Meiling dehumidifier

Still worrying about moldy, damp floors and walls? Having a dehumidifier can help you manage these problems. The editor recommends a dehumidifier, Meiling SJ-750ML, which can not only help you improve the humid environment, but also help you remove the mold caused by the moisture, giving you a better life security. Consider it.

Principle of dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is also called a dehumidifier. The fan draws moist air into the machine and passes through the heat exchanger. At this time, the moisture in the air condenses into water droplets and becomes dry air and is discharged out of the machine. , Maintain a dry family environment and become a health worker for patients with rheumatism, respiratory diseases and other diseases, as well as the elderly, maternal and infants.

Meiling SJ-750ML dehumidifier adopts pure white body design, all plastic steel shell, elegant and fresh, with smooth lines, which plays a role in beautifying the environment. In addition to the buttons on the panel, a water full indicator light, a humidity indicator light and a power indicator light are also provided to facilitate the user to grasp the condition of the dehumidifier at all times.

Meiling SJ-750ML dehumidifier is compact and flexible. It has a dual power supply and two connection cables. It can be used at home or in the car, allowing you to enjoy dry air anytime and anywhere.

Meiling SJ-750ML dehumidifier adopts semiconductor electronic dehumidification technology, which not only has accuracy and stability, but also reduces noise, accurately senses moisture, ensures silent operation of the machine, and creates a quiet and dry life for you and your family.

General dehumidifiers use uniform air inlets and outlets, which affect air drying when moisture enters and exits. Meiling dehumidifier innovatively optimizes the circulation air duct, and the air is discharged from both sides, and the dehumidification is more thorough.

Editor's comment: Meiling SJ-750ML dehumidifier's small size is easy to place, and it is a multi-functional dehumidifier. The all-plastic steel shell is matched with smooth lines. The home car is two-in-one. It adopts semiconductor electronic dehumidification technology, quiet operation, and double-sided wind out, eliminating the troubles of Mei Yutian for you.

Recommended Product 2. Airmate Dryer

In the southern part of the world, the humidity is very serious. People's clothes are always wet and wet. The dryer can solve this problem. Today I will introduce a lovely dryer-Emmett HGY1010P.

Airmate dryer HGY1010P adopts classic red and black with cute and fashionable Mickey style. The clothes dryer is like a double-layer wardrobe. It has a large capacity for quick clothes drying. It is multi-purpose for one machine. It is proficient in heating, drying clothes and being a wardrobe.

Airmate dryer HGY1010P external timer switch, save the bending action, can be directly controlled by reaching out, easy to operate, the first for the dryer. Mickey-style time switch integrates the master design into the details.

The air inlet of the Airmate dryer HGY1010P is specially equipped with a silver ion filter to filter impurities and germs in the air and make the air healthier.

PTC heaters have forced convection by the air drum, which heats up quickly and has a high heat conversion rate. The basic 1000W electric heater can generate 999W of heat energy. The fan heater is hot when it is turned on, and it directly heats the ambient air, which warms faster; and it is ultra-long-lasting, non-oxidizing, and has a service life of up to 5000 hours.

Editor's comment: Emmett dryer HGY1010P adopts classic red and black collocation, cute and stylish Mickey style, with silver ion filter, set wind drum forced convection, which is warm and hot, to protect your dry wardrobe.

Recommended products 3. TCL dehumidifier

Recently, the country has been experiencing continuous cooling and raining weather, and the continuous rainfall has caused the indoor humidity to skyrocket. Many friends ca n’t stand this humid and cold weather. The professional dehumidifier has become our most effective dehumidification. method. Today, the editor will introduce a powerful and effective dehumidifier-TCL dehumidifier DES14.

TCL dehumidifier DES14 adopts ivory white fashion appearance, unique titanium technology, all copper tube casting, and extremely quick dehumidification. The dehumidifier is suitable for 12-32 square meters environment, the daily dehumidification capacity can reach 14L.

The TCL dehumidifier DES14 uses titanium gold light to sterilize, make family healthier, can effectively prevent arthritis, rheumatism, and provide a comfortable living environment for children.

The normal conversation voice of a person is 50 decibels, and the noise value of the TCL dehumidifier DES14 is 36-43 decibels. It refers to the standard GB12349 industrial enterprise noise measurement method at the factory boundary. The power consumption of the dehumidifier is as low as 0.18 degrees per hour, which can save energy and mute for you.

Even in foggy weather and humid rainy season, the TCL dehumidifier DES14 can "dry air" wet clothes quickly, soft and non-fading, and there is no secondary pollution of clothes, so you can save effort and effort.

Featured recommendation: Titanium technology, light energy sterilization, 0.18 degree low power consumption, 36-43 dB mute

Editorial comment: TCL dehumidifier DES14 adopts ivory white fashion appearance, unique titanium technology, and the daily dehumidification capacity can reach 14L. In addition, the dehumidifier also uses titanium gold light energy sterilization, 0.18 degrees low power consumption, 36-43 decibels mute, fast drying in 3 hours, to create a comfortable home environment for you.

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