With the continuous development of China's economy and packaging industry, paper packaging boxes have become a key member of the packaging industry and have also achieved certain development. With development, a series of problems have gradually emerged.

China's reform and opening up has been thirty-five years. Domestically, it has been developing for a total of thirty-five years. From its original starting point, China's paper packaging industry has now grown into the world's largest paper packaging producer, but it is still not yet in production. Strong country. Our development is experiencing real challenges. Reform is the key to determining fate. Our most important task at present is to analyze where the biggest obstacle in the development of the industry lies, and to explore new ways of sustained and healthy development.

China's paper packaging industry is taking a different road from Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. According to China's actual national conditions, the industry's transformation and development can not be completely copied and imitated. How to get out of a new road is a major issue before us.

Strictly speaking, the paper industry and the carton industry belong to the same industry. However, in China, these two industries are relatively independent and distinct. Why is it so? In addition to the background of China’s economic development, the small-scale farmers’ awareness in the carton industry is also a very important reason. It is this awareness that blocks the penetration of the industry chain. In the end, the scale of papermaking companies is getting bigger and bigger. Carton companies can only rely on eternal “guerrilla warfare” in order to defend their own three-acre land.

In fact, it is very difficult for the carton industry to take a place in the national economy as an independent industry. First of all, our carton enterprises still go it alone. The market radius of 300 kilometers is the ceiling for its growth. Second, it competes with the upstream paper-making enterprises, fights with downstream end-users, and competes with the peers. Enterprises suffer from their enemies. This mode of operation ultimately determines the pattern of small, scattered, and chaos in the carton industry.

At present, the output of China's paper products has already ranked among the top in the world. In 2011, the world produced a total of 20.22 billion square meters of corrugated cardboard, and China’s output reached 53.55 billion square meters, accounting for a quarter. This proportion has been very alarming. However, due to the difference in statistical caliber, in fact, China's corrugated board production may be far more than this value. China's carton companies are like "Tubachi Road" and are everywhere and everywhere. In Shanxi, there were 108 cartons on a single street. There are more than 100 carton companies in the street like this across the country, not only in Shanxi. In Heshang Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, the entire town is home to many carton companies.

At the same time, there is another serious fact that needs our attention. The profit of cartons is already very low due to the high cost of production. The cost of raw materials accounts for about 70% of the total cost. Faced with the harsh market competition among peers, carton companies seem to have no other choice, the only means is to use low prices for the living space. However, the price approach is the lowest-end form of commercial competition. If we all rely on price wars to seek development, there is virtually no way out. Therefore, we have seen that even if there are a number of companies with financial strength in the industry, they have the ability to invest tens of millions of yuan or even billions of dollars to develop the carton business. However, the final problem is still the same problem: it is difficult for enterprises to do great work. Strong, difficult to achieve scale effect.

It seems that the carton industry is experiencing a systemic bottleneck, not a specific issue. In other words, the current operation or business model of the entire carton industry has touched the ceiling of development. We have no way to go and we must explore new models.

I believe that in the future, all packaging manufacturers will be able to explore a development path that suits them.

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