The sundial is a tool used by the clever ancient humans to time the clock by the principles of the sun movement. The sundial looks very simple, only a few parts, and to be able to accurately time, the hour and hour on the sundial is particularly important, this needle must be parallel to the Earth's rotation axis, observe the projection of this pointer in the designated area , you can determine the time. The setting in the southern hemisphere is the opposite.

Recently, a maker named Julldozer of Mojoptix digitally modified it using 3D printing technology to accurately display the time in digital form. Yes, Mojoptix's design came from a whimsical day: "Can we convert the sundial into a form similar to an electronic watch?" Eventually, he made a major change in the clockwise hand and made what he called The “Swiss Cheese” is filled with long, hole-like objects, and the sun's rays pass through specific holes to form a time figure.

Julldozer explains how to design and make this special sundial in the video (see below). He used OpenSCAD software combined with algorithms to design a hole matrix that can display various numbers on the surface of the sundial, and then merged these digital matrix into an open source 3D printing model, which includes OpenSCAD scripts and STL files. Julldozer's project is completely open source, you can download all the design files yourself by clicking here (or buy ready-made from the Etsy store). What you need is four 3D printed parts (ABS parts, he specifically reminds), a jam bottle and a few screws, nuts and washers.

It is understood that the key to this project lies in the large number of algorithmically designed holes in its “Swiss Cheese”, which cannot be done using traditional manufacturing methods. This makes sense, because the core principle of this design is to use the projected combination of sunlight through the holes to show clear numbers, which may not be possible with a slight error. We have heard a lot about "this thing can only be made with 3D printing technology", this is another living example. And if you have a 3D printer yourself, it's easy to copy it, because most of the work has already been done by Julldozer of Mojoptix, the only thing you need to determine is the exact direction of the sundial.

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