Running in winter is different from summer, especially in the north, and people are scared at the moment they go out, let alone running for a long time outdoors. So picking the right winter gear and doing the right winter sports are key to the little ones. So what are the points that need attention? Quickly look at Xiaobian.

"What do you wear in winter? 』

☆ We must first protect our head and ears from cold wind. When the weather is cold, 40% of the heat will be emitted from your head, so be sure to strengthen the wind and warm the head.

☆ Gloves should also be worn because the hands are the most likely to get cold, and gloves can also be used to wipe sweat.

☆ warm collar is also very important. It is very useful in windy, cold weather, it can protect your neck and face. You can pull it over your mouth to avoid inhaling a lot of cold when you run.

☆ The key to winter running and dressing, especially the upper body, can be divided into several layers. Wearing a few layers of clothing can not only retain the body's heat, but also allow sweat to pass through the clothes.

â–¼ The closest one should be made of rayon. These materials can remove sweat and keep your upper body dry and warm. It is important that you do not wear cotton clothing as a basic layer because cotton clothing will always be wet if it gets wet.

â–¼ Your second coat or middle layer. If the temperature is minus 20 degrees Celsius, you will need to wear this layer. This layer needs to continue to draw sweat away from the skin, and it needs to retain some air to make you feel warm, while at the same time it must be able to remove some heat to prevent the body from feeling overheating.

â–¼ The outermost layer should act as a windproof waterproof (light rain and snow) while allowing heat to escape to prevent overheating and cooling. This layer of clothing is best to have a zipper, so you can pull up or open the zipper and adjust the body temperature at any time.

☆ Do not wear so many layers in the lower body. Generally speaking, wearing a tights or running pants, it is best to use synthetic fibers. If the temperature is lower than -12 degrees Celsius, you may consider wearing two layers: add a windbreaker to the leggings.

☆ Winter running shoes must choose shoes that are different from summer running shoes. After all, in the winter, because we have to take into account the icing on the ground, slipping is a key to shoes.

"What should we pay attention to in winter running? 』

☆ It is important to warm up before running. It is recommended to do a high leg lift ten times three groups at the door. In this way, after the whole body's upper and lower muscles are pulled, you can run. When warming up, be aware that if you have had a strained condition, you must do the twisting motion in place and focus on the four joints.

☆ runners with very poor health should first ensure that the breathing rhythm is even, it is best not to run hard. The change in physical fitness is not a day or two, and the intensity should gradually increase. For runners with cardiothoracic or other diseases, please consult your doctor.

☆ In winter running, the most important thing to note is prevention of colds and frostbite. In addition to wearing as recommended above, petrolatum can also be applied to exposed areas. Wear a windproof jacket immediately after running.

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