The girl ’s room more reflects the little girl ’s dream about romance. She who loves beauty must like to have a beautiful bed, can sleep comfortably by herself, and then there is a bedside table, along with a beautiful The luminaire, whether it is a chandelier or a ceiling light, creates a great effect.

In the little girl ’s room, the furniture is all in Korean rural style. The conventional match is the small floral wall and bedding, but it is also suitable to use bright red or bright yellow here.

Princess bed

Brand: Big Forest Furniture

Size: 210 * 190 * 122cm

color: White

Reference price: 2099 yuan

Suggestions for decoration and matching: The girl's room or pastoral-style bedroom is most suitable for soft decoration with pink and small floral. The main furniture is suitable for the complete white pastoral style, with simple curves and patterns on the shape.

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1.2m 6609 single bed European style exquisite carved pearl bedroom furniture

Mall price: 3980 yuan / sheet

Market price: 5880 yuan / sheet

Have been sold: 0

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Korean telephone table

Brand: Korean

Dimensions: 48 * 34 * 62 cm

color: White

Reference price: 250 yuan

Suggestions for decoration and matching: The application range of the telephone table is very wide. It can be used as a bedside table, a small table beside the sofa, or other small corners. Because of its small size, it is very convenient. Some telephone tables and magazine baskets can be placed at hand. Books.

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Solid wood cabinet noble margin B05 relative bedside table 【Aibao furniture franchise store】

Mall price: 690 yuan / piece

Market price: 1380 yuan / piece

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Pastoral lace bedside lamp

Brand: Siqun

Dimensions: 36 cm in diameter

Material: Fabric

Reference price: 139 yuan

Advice on decoration and matching: The most idyllic bedside lamp is often matched with Korean-style idyllic furniture. The material of the fabric is suitable for people to have a warm and soft mood before going to sleep.

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European style Korean pastoral resin lace fabric bedroom bedside decoration table lamp

Mall price: 136 yuan / piece

Market price: 195 yuan / piece

Has been sold: 126

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Beautiful shell chandelier

Brand: Cardison

Size: 45 * 33cm

Color: white, red

Reference price: 304 yuan

Suggestions for decoration and matching: a very beautiful chandelier, the shell material is very special, white can be mixed with other styles of homes, and red needs to consider the fusion of colors.

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[Likemai Lighting] Simple European style chandelier dining room lamp bedroom lamp C659-5 special offer

Mall price: 230 yuan / lamp

Market price: 518 yuan / piece

Has been sold: 98

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Table lamp Op table lamp chandelier furniture bedside decoration fabric room bedroom furniture bedroom bed pastoral style bedroom bedroom lamp European pastoral style European style bedroom cloth sofa sofa bed single bed carved Korean furniture fabric bed fabric sofa single sofa white furniture simple furniture dining room furniture Small bedroom european dining room bedroom lamp

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