Using FID detector, 6201 coated with sorbitol chromatography packed column, you can perform quantitative analysis on samples containing benzene and nitrobenzene in wastewater. If the detector of the instrument is changed to ECD (electron capture), the detection limit will be lower and the concentration will be lower. The method of extraction and enrichment can also be used to detect lower limit analysis. When the sample concentration is high, the TCD detector is used, so that a chromatographic column is used, the sample processing is simple, and it can be analyzed and determined to contain benzene, toluene, xylene or nitrate. The components of the mixed sample of benzene.

The packaging bags of milk powder need to be targeted at the nature of milk powder, with the following functions: long shelf life, fragrance preservation, oxidation and metamorphism prevention, moisture absorption and agglomeration prevention. Therefore the material we will be used for this feature is BOPP/VMPET/PE. 

1.  The composite material of BOPP meets the requirements of the milk powder, good printing and strength

2.  VMPET has good light resistance, good light resistance and good ductility. It has metallic luster. 

3.  PE has good anti-pollution sealing and low temperature heat sealing. 

4.  Aluminum foil with good moisture, rust, gas, light and corrosion resistance, its stiffness, mechanical strength moderate, good malleability, easy to process, can be made with paper, plastic composite, high temperature resistance aluminum plastic composite materials, suitable for high temperature sterilization packaging, vacuum packaging. The use of aluminum foil composite materials can effectively improve the shelf life of products; resist oil to the packaging of infiltration dyeing.

Milk Powder Bag

Milk Powder Bag

Milk Powder Bag

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