In fact, after getting up in the morning, I need to drink a glass of water to solve the lack of water in the body environment, and the lips are immediately water-damaging. After each time you finish drinking water, use a tissue paper to gently dry the water around the lips. Otherwise, it will not only lose the wind, but also easily evaporate and take away the moisture from the lips. In the cold winter, people often eat hot pot, or drink a pot of hot soup, but be careful, after eating the greasy hot pot or after drinking the soup, wipe off the soup sticking to the lips in time, otherwise After the water evaporates, there will be a lot of fat and dry debris left on the lips.
Dry lips in winter, need to do all maintenance

Easily take off small shavings

Dip the cotton swab at about 30 ° C and apply it to the dry peeling area of ​​the lips. Stop for two or three seconds. After the dead skin is softened, gently roll it with the cotton swab on the lip. The dead skin will easily take off. Drop it. Never tear off the dandruff by hand.

Correct choice of lip balm

A good lip product should have isolation, repair, and a certain sun protection. Lipsticks usually contain some emollient ingredients such as lanolin, mineral oil, vegetable oil and the like. Some of the better moisturizing ingredients include ceruleene, allantoin, lanolin, vitamin A, vitamin E and some natural vegetable oils.

In addition, some of the ingredients contained in some lipsticks, such as aromatic mixtures, pigments, and the preservative benzocaine, are undesirable irritants for susceptible people. Long-term use can cause chronic damage to the lips, such as dryness and scaling. , chapped and so on. Susceptible people should be carefully selected.

Double lip sunscreen should remember

Facial sunscreen has received the full attention of people, but it ignores the sunscreen of the lips. In fact, the lips are more likely to be burnt by ultraviolet rays. The delicate lips are protected by sebum secreted by sebaceous glands, and the melanin content that protects the skin is less. Without the sunscreen concept of the lips, plus the lack of time care and other reasons, the accumulation of these problems every day will cause the lip lines to deepen. In order to prevent lip lines, we must pay attention to sun protection, and choose moisturizing lip products to enhance the care.

Master the best time to lip

Is it right to use lip balm to moisturize anytime, anywhere? Of course it is true. But if you master the best time, you can get twice the result with half the effort. Some MMs are applied when they think of it, and some MMs are applied after each meal. But there is an optimal time, you must not miss it: thickly apply lip products before going to bed at night, let your lips stay in the nourishment all night, and the next day you are ready to greet the tender cherry Lips.

The lips should also be peeled off regularly.

Regularly remove the dead skin to maximize the role of lip balm. But be sure to use professional lip exfoliation products! Because the facial exfoliating product particles are relatively large, it is not suitable for lip care. >>>Why is it itchy in winter?

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