Recently, the subject chaired by Professor Sun Huailin of the School of Chemistry, Nankai University has developed a new method of peptide synthesis, which has broken the tedious and obsolete peptide synthesis research for more than 100 years. This research achievement has attracted wide attention from academic circles at home and abroad, and it was published as the first article in the research communication section in the top chemistry journal "Applied Chemistry" in Germany. "The advantage of this reaction is that the raw materials used are cheap and very suitable for industrial production."

The American Chemical Society publication "Chemical and Engineering News", the British Chemical Society publication "Chemical World" and so on have also published special comments and reports. In the report of "Chemical World", an authoritative scholar in the field, Professor Arndtsen of McGill University in Canada, commented: "This work is a breakthrough." In addition, the website of John Willy Publishing Company also interviewed and reported on this achievement. At present, this research has been listed as a key project for funding by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Peptide synthesis is an important content of chemistry research, its importance stems from the important role of peptides in life processes and important uses in medicine, materials, etc. For more than a century, almost all research on peptide synthesis has been carried out using amino acids as raw materials. This method has complicated steps and high cost, which limits the application of peptide materials.

In recent years, chemists have begun to study a simpler method. This method does not use amino acids as raw materials, but uses easily accessible imines and carbon monoxide as monomers, and alternately copolymerizes directly under the action of a catalyst to directly generate polypeptides. Unfortunately, this method has been difficult to achieve due to the lack of an appropriate catalyst. Professor Sun Huailin's research group succeeded in this aspect, filling the gap of "method of synthesizing peptides without using amino acids as raw materials".

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