Use low temperature tank-add liquid medium into the front tank of the low temperature constant temperature tank, the liquid level of the medium should be about 30mm lower than the worktable, otherwise the heater will be damaged when energized;

1. The selection of the liquid medium in the cryostatic bath should meet the following principles:

When the working temperature is 5 ~ 85 ℃, the liquid medium generally uses water;

When the working temperature is 85 ~ 95 ℃, the liquid medium can choose 15% glycerin aqueous solution;

When the working temperature is higher than 95 ° C, the liquid medium generally uses oil, and the open cup flash point of the selected oil should be higher than the working temperature by more than 50 ° C;

Note: The working temperature here refers to the temperature of the liquid medium in the tank;

2. Power supply: 220V50Hz, the power supply should be greater than the total power of the instrument, the power supply must have a good "ground" device;

3. The instrument should be placed in a dry and ventilated place with no obstacles within 300mm around the instrument;

4. When the working temperature of the constant temperature bath is high, you should pay attention not to open the upper cover and do not enter your hand with the hand to prevent burns;

5. After use, all switches are turned off to cut off the power supply;

The instrument should do regular cleaning work to keep the work surface and operation panel clean;

Always pay attention to the liquid level in the observation tank. When the liquid level is too low, the liquid medium should be added in time;

In consideration of safety factors, we stipulate that the constant temperature bath higher than 100 ℃ is made into an internal circulation. If the external circulation is changed according to the customer's requirements, the customer should pay special attention to the firmness of the connection of the outlet pipe to prevent it from falling off to avoid burns.

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