Delta2000-CD-â…£ Flue Gas Analyzer Features
· Passed the German TÜV quality certification, certification number RgG192 · Powerful, can analyze and measure and calculate multiple parameters · Designed for industrial field applications, rugged, easy to carry · High-definition large-screen LCD display, measurement data at a glance · Long life Fast and accurate measurement with electrochemical sensors · Equipped with high-power sampling gas pump, capable of flue gas sampling with large negative pressure · Multi-stage soot filter and gas-water separator, effectively filtering the soot and moisture in the flue gas ): · Built-in battery or AC / DC dual-use, easy to carry. Length × height × width: 200 × 210 × 90mm · Built-in thermal printer, on-site printing measurement results, convenient and fast Weight: about 1.9Kg · Optional data storage and Flue gas pressure measurement function Working temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ · Detachable sampling probe, double-layer tube wall, effectively protect the thermocouple storage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ · 150 sets of data storage and flue gas pressure measurement function Power supply: battery and charger, AC and DC dual-purpose · RS232 interface is used to download data and upgrade the system (the battery power supply is about 8 hours) Standard configuration technical parameters · Continuous analysis and measurement of electrochemical sensors O2, CO, NO, SO2 Applicable combustion types: · Special probes to measure flue gas temperature and ambient temperature natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas, light oil, heavy oil, firewood Hemei · Equipped with high-power sampling gas pump for high negative pressure occasions> · 300mm sampling probe, outer diameter 8mm, 2.7m sampling pipeline measurement parameters and range: · Built-in thermal printer, you can print the measurement parameters at any time O2: 0 ~ 20.9% · Built-in battery and 220V AC adapter CO: 0-10000ppm · Multi-stage soot filter and gas-water separator (with built-in star filter) NO: 0 ~ 4000ppm · Built-in battery and 220V AC power adapter SO2: 0 ~ 2000ppm · Standard RS-232 data interface and 150 sets of data storage flue gas temperature: 0 ~ 650 ℃ nickel chromium nickel silicon thermocouple · Calculation: CO2, mg / m3, CO2, NOx, excess air coefficient, calculated combustion efficiency: rate, Smoke exhaust heat loss, flue gas dew point undiluted CO · Freely set the reference oxygen amount as required 3% / 5% / 8% CO2 0-20.0% · Leather instrument box (spare parts with internal instruments) NOx 0-4000ppm Option excess air coefficient 1, ... Ⅰ D2000CD combustion efficiency analyzer (O2-CO-CO2-temperature-pressure) flue gas dew point Ⅱ D2000CD flue gas analyzer (O2-CO-CO2-NO-temperature-pressure) combustion Efficiency: 0 ~ 100% Ⅲ D2000CD flue gas analyzer (O2-CO2-NO-SO2-temperature-pressure) Exhaust heat loss: 0 ~ 100% Reference oxygen: ...% CO measurement component: 0—10.00% (Replace SO2) CO measurement component: 0—20000ppm (replace SO2) Special data acquisition and processing software: MRU Online View Communicator: Remote (10m) control instrument and display measurement results Pre-sampling pre-processor (suitable for high negative Pressure or high smoke)

Application field

Environmental Monitoring Station Paper Mill Chemical Industry Ceramics Manufacturing Brewery Manufacturing Thermal Power Plant Waste Incineration Plant Automotive Manufacturing Institute Research Institute Boiler System Test

Outdoor Sofa Furniture

Outdoor sofa furniture is suit for outdoor garden usage for long time. The material is UV resistant PE rattan and 1.2mm thickness aluminum frame with powder-coated.


Outstanding comfort and structural integrity make our Outdoor Sofa Furniture Collection a welcome addition outdoors. Rattan fibers are smoothly double woven around concealed powder-coated aluminum frames. Gently angled backs and wide arms encourage restful lounging. The industry`s best high-performing fabrics encase the thick, double-wrapped foam cushions.

·         Traditional forms with a spacious, inviting scale

·         Handwoven premium resin wicker UV resistant

·         Rust-resistant powder-coated frames

·         Cushions included with 30 density sofa foam

·         Versatile tempered glass tables

·         Cushions also available with 100% waterproof fabric.

Outdoor sofa Furniture contain sectional sofa, deep seating sofa, round or semi-round sofa furniture, and garden set. 

 Outdoor Sofa Furniture      Outdoor Sofa Furniture

Outdoor Sofa Furniture       Outdoor Sofa Furniture

If you have any questions, please contact with us directly. Outdoor Sofa Furniture are produced

by Golden Eagle Outdoor Furniture With High Quality and Good Appearance. Welcome you can visit our Factory.For any inquiry,Please send mail directly to us.

Outdoor Wicker Sofa Furniture

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