The use of embossed printing stickers, printing plate photosensitive resin letterpress, printing labels with the advantages of full ink, but now the difference in the size of the letterpress printing equipment is relatively large, and some are still using the flat press, some use ordinary Rotary printing machines, some of which have adopted professional hatchback, satellite or machine type label printing machines, cannot be generalized in the transition.

Major adhesive printing machines based on embossing have the ability to print film labels. However, they need to contact the supplier and replace some related components, such as adding a servo motor control tension control system, adding a thin film surface treatment unit, and high-grade Some machines can also add precise registration systems.

offset printing

Offset printing is the main method for printing paper stickers in China's label printing plants. Offset printing is characterized by fine graphics and rich layers, suitable for large-volume printing, and printing equipment can be used in one machine, which is suitable for the characteristics of the Chinese label market. However, sheet-fed offset printing is not suitable for printing films with no absorptive surface, because the film labels are mostly roll-to-roll and require volatile drying inks.

Offset can print thicker plastic materials, such as in-mold labels, label hangtags, but the machine must be equipped with a UV curing device, which requires a small fee.


The gravure printing adopts the ink supply system of the short ink way to supply the ink, the material of the web is printed, the degree of automation is very high, use the solvent type ink, the ink layer dries quickly, it is the first choice of the membrane type printing.

Generally, the speed of the gravure printing machine is high, and the rear end of many gravure printing machines is also equipped with a roll die cutting device, which can perform die cutting and creasing, and is suitable for the printing of various labels. However, due to the long gravure plate making period and the expensive platemaking cost, it is only suitable for high-volume label production.

Screen printing

Screen printing is the most adaptable printing method for printing materials. Many screen printing companies use inexpensive screen printing equipment to undertake self-adhesive labels and film label printing services. The screen Printing Label is characterized by strong ink and strong three-dimensional impression. It can use UV ink to print film products.

In addition to a handful of rotary screen printing equipment capable of roll-to-roll label printing, most screen printing equipment is a semi-automatic screen printing machine, which can only print a single sheet, and the overlay accuracy is not high, and is not suitable for supporting the production line. Film label production equipment.

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