I have heard that listening to music can be a beauty, music can also play a role in beauty, this is true, and the mood will affect the beauty, the skin has a different degree of reaction.

Recommend several beauty products that deal with the emotions of autumn skin

Recommend several beauty products that deal with the emotions of autumn skin

Emotions have a tipping point. This is a well-known fact, but do you know that your skin also has a burst of emotion? When your skin care product is not suitable for your skin, when the external environment changes drastically, the skin feels pressure and feels uncomfortable. Immediately, she will show her emotions on the surface of our skin.

Directly hit the skin emotional point: one step in place, especially when the summer and autumn handover, the autumn tigers raging, the autumn rain is cool, under these hot and cold constant attacks. Autumn skin shows various emotional expressions such as wrinkles, dry peeling, enlarged pores, increased spots, and red blood. But, do you know which conditions of the skin are detonated? Only by finding the tipping point of these problems can you calm the skin's small emotions from the roots and make your skin feel relaxed and happy at the same time as you.

Wrinkle relaxation - emotional tipping point: premature aging

Autumn is a season of health care, and it is also the perfect counterattack period for skin to cope with wrinkles. Wrinkles are the most important indicator of skin wrinkles and a top priority for autumn skin care.

Inhibition of premature aging, strong wrinkle - Demeien wrinkle firming gel

Demeien Wrinkle Firming Gel is from the Royal Swedish Medical College, the creator of the magical “motionless knife peeling surgery”, the leader of the concept of medical cosmetic preparation. In addition, Demeen's wrinkle firming gel is sourced from the purest forests and oceans of Northern Europe, pure plant extracts extracted from turmeric, seaweed and centella asiatica, plus the original Tricutan from Demeen -Complex's patented anti-aging ingredients inhibit and reverse aging from the epidermis, dermis, and muscle floor. Instantly lift and tighten. Demeen's products are refreshing, with a strong affinity, which can be quickly incorporated into the skin to achieve the perfect effect of deep wrinkles. It is a versatile wrinkle product that has magical effects on eradicating wrinkles in the eyes, neck and face. Efficacy. If you combine the appropriate massage techniques, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Dry peeling - emotional tipping point: lack of water

Spring dry and dry, everyone knows. Occasionally, a few sorrows and autumn rains have not changed the water shortage of the skin. The autumn wind carried by the autumn rain has made the water shortage more serious.

Efficient hydration - sisley floral moisturizing mask

This product is a very gentle "charge" mask that instantly replenishes water and replenishes enough moisture for firming skin. The transparent gel texture will not be obvious after application. Even in the office and the cabin, you can use it safely. Don't worry about being noticeable, strong and quick moisturizing. After three minutes, the skin will be fresh and moisturized, and immediately rejuvenate. Glorious. Suitable for all skin types, especially tired, sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Red blood - emotional tipping point: allergies

Seasonal alternation is a high incidence of allergies, so it needs to be treated with caution, especially those that are sensitive to the skin. Red blood is a phenomenon of the distribution of red blood on the face caused by poor telangiectasia of the face, damage to the stratum corneum or partial shallow capillary position. Seriously, it can also cause sedimentary stains. For this, pay attention to the health of the keratin and maintain the normal respiratory passage of the skin.

Improves vitality - Avene's elegant, water-soluble cleansing gel

This product is a thoughtful disposable cleansing product, a life-saving product for allergies. Allow the skin to avoid contact with tap water and cause another infection. After massage, wipe off with a paper towel. It is rich in yuppie and protects the skin, giving the skin full protection while cleaning the skin. It removes dirt and make-up from the skin. After use, the skin is soft, highly resistant, and does not produce any acne. It completely cleans the skin and opens the skin's respiratory passage.

Large pores - emotional tipping point: too much oil

When the skin's old keratin is more and more sturdy, the skin will become thick and rough, the skin will not absorb moisture and maintenance ingredients, resulting in large pores, roughness, dullness, etc., and progress will accelerate the secretion of oil and thus destroy The circulatory system of the skin. However, these are processes. The reason is that due to excessive secretion of oil, it is not removed in time, and the water and oil balance of the skin is destroyed. So the first task is to remove the old horny.

Rejuvenate Skin - Dior Dior Snow Crystal Whitening Brightening Mask

This product can be thoroughly cleaned and instantly bloomed. The new muddy texture can thoroughly remove aging keratin and deeply cleanse the skin, effectively promoting skin microcirculation. Immediately after use, the skin is smooth and radiant. It is a root-derived product that cures the map muscles. While removing old keratin, it can also effectively regulate the skin's water and oil balance.

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