[ Chinese wardrobe network ] For different genders, the details of the cloakroom are different. For male consumers, the following three details should be paid attention to when designing the cloakroom:


[1] One of the details of the shirt board.

The shirt is the second layer of the man's skin. The flat and close-fitting shirt reflects the maturity and taste of the man. There are many styles to cater to the needs of different occasions. The shirtboard with the slide rail can meet the demand.

[2] The second and fourth sides of the Basket.

Successful men in the workplace, returning home to share their family with their families, of course, wear casual wear. The four-sided basket with slide rails has good breathability and can store a large amount of casual clothes, and each push-pull is very smooth.

[3] Three tie racks.

A metal tie rack with a beveled design allows you to choose from a variety of different color ties for men.

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