The mahogany furniture began to take shape from the early Ming Dynasty, and the Qing Dynasty began to innovate in the production process, and began to integrate with the art of painting and calligraphy. Using modern words this is called "cross-border" art. In fact, mahogany furniture belongs to a combination of diverse art. Among them, the furniture decoration process is the most stressful. Some experts believe that the maintenance process of mahogany furniture is the key to its value.

Recently, the industry has paid much attention to the painting process and waxing process. The pseudo-painting process has become the bottleneck of the traditional market economy development of contemporary mahogany furniture for 20 years, because the national paint technology is basically a “non-legacy” project, and the real painting process has not been passed down. This phenomenon is prevalent in the market. The proportion of lacquered mahogany furniture is extremely different. The lacquered patent leather has become a protective film for the industry.

In fact, in addition to the lacquered shady, the real lacquered craft furniture is not as good as the waxing process. According to industry insiders, the waxing process can really continue the vitality of mahogany. Waxing mahogany furniture maintenance threshold is very low, the process is simple, almost fool-type waxing maintenance method, wear scratches do not need to worry. In addition, waxing can produce a more protective patina than the patent leather at the latest one year, and it is a value-for-money appreciation value that cannot be ignored in future furniture investment valuation.

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