3000ml Wuliangshen Crystal Glass Bottle was successfully released, marking Wuliangye Global Group glass bottle production technology to a new level.
Previously due to immature production technology and other external factors, 3000ml high-volume glass bottles were produced by outside glass manufacturers. Coupled with the small orders, production is difficult, many manufacturers are not willing to produce. Recently, the order for the 3000ml Wuliangshen glass bottle came down again.
Wu Liangshen's wine bottle design breaks through the tradition and changes the design framework of square, round and earthenware jars. The abstract art of Picasso is used as the expression form. He boldly adopted the face design and will be a man and a woman. The appearance of the side of the bottle is the shape of the human eye, which is embossed with a bronzing to make the appearance look good, structured and verve. But for the production of increased difficulty, but also a large volume of 3000g heavy glass bottles, it is even more difficult!
The first pick-up encounters two serious problems: the large number of bubbles in the bottle and the “hanging” of the bottle shoulder and bottle. Because the picking material is manually operated, a glass liquid of such a heavy weight enters the first mold and the temperature cannot reach, thereby generating a large number of bubbles. By continuously adjusting the temperature of the natural gas, the temperature is uniform after repeated tests, and the bubbles are controlled in the standard range. As for the bottle shoulder "hanging material", because the bottle is a super-shaped glass bottle, the material embryo is too large, the shoulders of the primary mold design is too small, so that the glass liquid is stuck in the first mold and has produced a "hanging material." . After several modifications to the first model, the problem of "hanging material" has finally been solved.
The teachers, who thought they could relax, received new feedback: The glass bottle's mouth was not saturated, and the bottle's mouth was obviously uneven. This is because the material embryo is too large and the glass bottle is heated unevenly. When the material falls into the mouth of the primary mold, the temperature of the material is already very low, so that the temperature of the bottle mouth cannot be reached, and the bottle mouth is not even. With years of experience, Director Li decided to reduce the mouth plate on the mouth mold by 50 cords, and finally solve the problem of unsaturation of the bottle mouth.
After three days of hard proofing and proofing by the proofing master, it finally succeeded in releasing a qualified 3000ml Wuliangshen glass bottle, filling a gap in our company's glass bottle production technology and advancing to another milestone in glass bottle production technology.

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