Nowadays, “advocating nature” has become the unshakable belief of the stars who are stationed in Yan . They are not satisfied with simply applying smears, but relying on their mouths to eat beautiful every day. What method do you use to achieve beauty ? ?

Ice and ice

Fan Bingbing Zhong Ai Shashen Yuzhu Fishtail Soup
Fan Bingbing’s feeling is always the image of a cartoon beauty.

Her beauty makes people feel as if they are painting - the eyes are big, the chin is sharp, and of course the good skin that the beauty must have. However, even the best skin problems will occur. Some time ago, because of the time to film, her face was not good, and she had a small acne on her face. After drinking for more than a month, the soup did not improve much. Still, my mother distressed her, bought a lot of this recipe, and helped her to adjust from the diet. I didn't expect to drink only one week's soup from my mother. The acne on the ice and ice was much less.

Bing Bing said: "Hong Kong's friends always say that instead of spending time on cosmetic powder, it is better to eat, such as bird's nest, shark's fin, and then soup. Now I finally understand that beauty can be eaten. The reporter asked her what soup she was drinking so magically. She smiled heartily: "You just have to go to the bookstore and buy the soup of this soup. I don't drink any special soup, it is sand ginseng." Yuzhu fishtail soup." Her enthusiastic mother even told reporters on the phone how to taste.

Transparent Dry Erase Pet Film

This PET film is based on super clear high density polyester film. At the same time it performs excellent in precision and color accuracy, supports dry erase. With this specialty, this film is widely used for laminating with other types of substrate material, such as magnet sheeting , for rewritable.

PET film

This transparent film is suitable for dry erased whiteboard marker. Stick it on wall or windows to be Transparent Whiteboard,Smooth writing, easy to wipe, leaving no trace.

PET (1)

Transparent Dry Erase Film

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