The early warning platform for bacterial food poisoning in Shanghai has also issued yellow warnings for several consecutive days. Yesterday and today, the risk of bacterial food poisoning increased to the highest level-"red, please pay special attention to food safety". When this warning level is reached, the probability of food poisoning will be above 25%. After the early warning was issued, thousands of restaurants in the city received the warning through text messages as soon as possible, and food supervisors will also increase the intensity of unannounced inspections of catering companies. The early warning also reminds the public not to eat raw seafood and raw mixed vegetables as much as possible. Refrigerate every meal and heat it thoroughly before use.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from a number of hospitals in Shanghai that the number of patients with gastroenteritis has increased significantly in recent days. Many young people like to use cold drinks and beer to cool down, making their stomachs very fragile.

Stomach pain, uncomfortable diarrhea, high fever, and antidiarrheal medication were all useless. Xiao Liu was accompanied by his family to the emergency room of the First Internal Medicine Hospital of the city. A blood test showed that he had acute gastroenteritis. It turned out that Xiao Liu ate a few large portions of lobster in the open food stall the night before and drank a few glasses of cold beer, and then began to have a stomachache. At first I thought it was just ordinary "stomach upset", so I lay in bed after drinking a cup of hot water. Unexpectedly, the next morning he was cold and vomiting and diarrhea, and his family rushed to the hospital. "There are many patients with acute gastroenteritis in recent weeks, mainly young people." The head of the emergency department of Ruijin Hospital told reporters that the continuous high temperature makes people feel hot, and some residents often eat iced fruits and cold drinks to cool down. In addition, young people like to eat roadside stalls, especially drinking beer and barbecue at night, it is easy to get gastroenteritis.

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