First, choose the right brand. After more than ten years of development, the domestic rosewood industry has spawned some excellent brand enterprises, such as Ming Ding Tan. A good brand of mahogany enterprises brings together the top domestic designers and skilled craftsmen. The furniture made by them has higher craft value than ordinary furniture and is the guarantee of the quality of mahogany furniture. The advantage of choosing brand mahogany furniture is not only the guarantee of quality, but also the after-sales service and even the future appreciation space have obvious advantages compared with other similar products, so that the future appreciation space of mahogany furniture is also broader.

Second, choose the material. A good red wood quality is the key to determining the quality and collection of mahogany furniture. As the first step in the production of mahogany furniture, the quality of the selection directly affects the value of a finished furniture. Due to the timeless scouring of the new contemporary mahogany furniture, the color and texture are clearer. Therefore, it is easier to judge the quality of the material when purchasing.

Again, look at the work. The pros and cons of a piece of furniture work is very intuitive, reflected in all aspects of a piece of furniture. For example, whether the proportion of the image of the sculpture is appropriate, whether the character or the animal is delicate and expressive, whether the detail processing is in place, and whether the ground is neat or even is a criterion for judging. In addition, splicing is also a factor in determining the quality of a piece of mahogany furniture. Because rare redwoods have few large materials, especially red sandalwood and huanghuali, usually these large pieces of furniture are spliced ​​together. At this point, it is necessary to observe whether the color and texture of the two connected woods are uniform, and whether the splicing ratio is reasonable.

Finally, look at the shape. According to the inheritance and innovation degree of mahogany furniture, we can divide the new mahogany furniture into three categories: high imitation, improvement and innovation. Compared with collectors without professional knowledge, the collection of high imitation furniture is the most easy to get started. It can be compared with the prototype to see if the shape is in place, but compared with the other two kinds of furniture, high imitation furniture lacks design and era. the value of. The improved furniture refers to the furniture that is partially adjusted on the basis of the shape of the furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Generally, there are few major changes in the shape of the furniture. The aesthetic principles of this type of furniture are similar to those of ancient furniture, and it is necessary to observe the charm when purchasing. The collection of innovative furniture is undoubtedly the most difficult of the three. Some of them are completely out of the prototype of Ming and Qing furniture, and they are pursuing the resonance of spiritual temperament, so it takes more attention when purchasing.

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