Look at the home good feng shui to make the family and children live comfortably, the home color matching should pay attention to, the color relationship feng shui, feng shui good natural living comfort, and want to benefit the family business and academics, may wish to take a look.

看家居好风水 让家人孩子住得舒心

First, pink may not be prosperous

Many people think that the use of pink decoration in the home can effectively increase the peach blossom, and the pink color is softer, which is very popular among consumers. But in fact, the pink decoration may not be good, it is easy to make people feel irritated, so use it with caution.

看家居好风水 让家人孩子住得舒心

1, pink wall provokes right and wrong

The pink paint in the home is the most fierce color. Pink is easy to make people feel violent, easy to have a squabble, and fight for right and wrong, quarreling frequently.

Especially for newlyweds, in order to adjust the atmosphere in the sputum, it is best not to use this color, this color tone will also cause neuropathy.

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