We are opposed to the construction of new people before they move into a new home, and they are full of cabinets and furniture. Usually the common formula for this mode of life is: the 32-inch sofa faces a large TV cabinet; the master bedroom is a wardrobe, a bedside table, a bed seat, all the furniture fills the space, and no change or adjustment can be made in a few years.

There is room for future changes

When the newlyweds are just married, they are a two-person world. Their careers have just started, their children have not yet been born, and their economic foundation is still not stable. There will be many drawbacks when the new home is renovated. Because the concept of home design will change with the increase of age and the increase of knowledge, the uncertainty of work will bring instability to life, and it will be a great waste to complete the decoration in one time.

As you age, the preferences of newcomers will change, which will affect the style of home design. At the same time, the living environment has changed, and the layout quality may be upgraded to collect antiques such as Qinghua Porcelain and Thangka, so it needs to be repurchased. Moreover, as the baby is born, the parents come to live, the relatives and friends come and go, the room has to change. Therefore, space should be left blank, leaving sufficient room for future changes and development.

Furniture should be able to move

There are so many variables in the newly-married family, so we advocate that the furniture selection activities can be moved to adapt to various changes. Move in and out of the house, change and change, and always give a new feeling and a new look. Such as the five drawers variable diaper cabinet, the integrated cabinet can change the bookshelf. Because the space is not too big, the sofa should not buy a full set of 32, and the sofa without armrests and high back is more suitable for smaller spaces. If you buy Chinese furniture, you can also purchase them in separate parts, batches, and years. Those are always your assets.

Furniture should have multiple uses

Furniture should not only have one function, but also have multiple uses and can adapt to various changes. For example, a sofa bed is suitable for new homes without rooms for parents and friends to visit. If you have a child's bed, you can pull out another bed for the babysitter. The dining table is also a work table and a coffee table. The dining table does not need a traditional table and six chairs. It can be changed into a sofa and two activity chairs. The living room is not enough, and it can be moved to other places. The bed set does not have to be complete. The bed seat can be used as a bedside table with two small activities, and a bedside table can be used, and it can be east facing today and tomorrow west.

Purchasing home decoration around the theme

Changing home furnishings is the cheapest and fastest way to design, but there are so many things in the forest, where do you buy them? “Purchasing around a topic” is the easiest and quickest way.

The activities are all arranged, such as flowers, books, trees, cups, plates, sheets, curtains, mats, tablecloths... there is a theme color or theme style, it will not be arbitrarily purchased, it will not cause matching Troubled.

To have a color zone concept: like "red, white" color, love "blue, white" color, love "black, white" tone, love "orange, yellow" tone... all objects are based on this standard, easier to lay out A new home with unity, harmony, balance, symmetry, regularity and beauty. But don't forget, neatness, cleanliness and order are still the first elements of the beautification of the living room!

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