In recent years, with the expansion of the collection group, mahogany furniture has become the darling of collectors. The collection of mahogany furniture is increasing, and the price of mahogany furniture is skyrocketing. Especially in the context of stock market decline and real estate downturn, hot money has begun to use mahogany furniture as a new The focus of investment, mahogany furniture began to have the attributes and prices of investment products, more determined by the size of the funds.

As an investor in mahogany furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the materials used in mahogany furniture, the craftsmanship and quality, and the trend of capital. There is no doubt that the mahogany tree species that make mahogany furniture have the characteristics of long growth cycle and scarce resources.

At present, the capital of domestic valuable hardwood resources is exhausted. The raw materials of mahogany mainly rely on imports. The protection of mahogany in Southeast Asia and Africa, the major redwood producing areas in the world, has been continuously strengthened. It has begun to limit the cutting and export of redwoods. The long-term trend of prices is optimistic. of. However, the trend of mahogany furniture in recent years has more confirmed the power of capital, and the sounds of hype are all along.

A large number of funds from Zhejiang and Fujian have entered the mahogany market in a big way, and a large number of hoarding of valuable wood have been acquired, resulting in the madness of Vietnam's huanghuali, Hainan huanghuali, etc., which has been almost out of the price of wood itself. From 2006 to now, the overall increase of mahogany furniture is 5 to 6 times.

Once the mahogany furniture is affixed with the investment label, it has the characteristics of investment products. The speculators have nothing to do with pushing up the mahogany furniture. The operation concept, hoarding, short selling, and high-selling shipments, all kinds of speculations take turns. But the higher the speculation, the worse it will fall. The mahogany furniture that rises forever can only be a myth.

After nearly four years of continuous rise, mahogany furniture has gone through cherished collections, from collections to investment, from investment to speculation until finally in crazy speculation, the myth was finally shattered in 2011.

Crazy capital pushes up the price of mahogany. The price of mahogany furniture is like a roller coaster. The crazy price has led to a sharp increase in the supply of imported mahogany, attracting more capital into the mahogany processing industry, but the market sales are not. Synchronization increases.

Affected by the global financial crisis and the expected decline in domestic consumption, the price of rosewood has stagflation, which has caused a wave of price cuts. Many mahogany furniture stores have launched the banner of price reduction promotions. Even so, mahogany furniture is often the door.

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