We certainly don't miss any easy-to-use sunscreen that needs sun protection all year round. Good sunscreens are flawless in texture, ductility, moisture and water resistance. Sunscreen whitening this summer is good. Sunscreen is the first step~

1. The most expensive luxury sunscreen recommended:

Estee Lauder Platinum Cream SPF30/PA++ RMB800/50ml

The most expensive luxury sunscreen recommended

Emulsion-like texture, completely non-greasy. While sunscreening, combined with anti-aging and brightening skin tone, the SPF30 coefficient is ideal for everyday use by office workers. Comprehensively reduce UVA, UVB damage to skin aging. A cream to prevent skin aging. Ultra-pure, highly effective vitamin C promotes collagen production, and special reflective technology instantly shines and evens skin tone.

Comprehensive protection: Unprecedented sunscreen products that significantly reduce visible aging caused by daily exposure. It quickly produces a glossy, smoothing effect that brightens the complexion and makes the application of cosmetics smoother and longer lasting.

Resistance to signs of aging: powerful antioxidants prevent collagen degradation, promote collagen production, protect the skin from harmful free radicals, and make the look more durable. The encapsulated antioxidant is released in the skin and is resistant to external aggressors. Ultra-pure, highly effective vitamin C promotes the production of natural collagen, and the style is more charming. Anti-stress proteins protect the skin from the inside and strengthen the skin's own protective system.

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