Many times, MMs confuse honey powder with loose powder , thinking that the function of honey powder and loose powder is similar. Actually, otherwise, what is the difference between honey powder and loose powder? Are all powdery cosmetics, is it not the same? Of course, although the powder and loose powder are used to fix the makeup, the loose powder can also be used to cover the flaws on the face. The effect is better than the powder, so that everyone can completely separate the powder and loose powder. The difference, the following small series for everyone to make up the little common sense!

Honey powder base

Honey powder base

First, what is honey powder?

Honey powder is also called set makeup powder. It usually contains fine talcum powder. It absorbs excess oil from the face and reduces the shine of the face. It can make the makeup last longer, smooth and delicate, and it has a beautiful beauty, especially suitable for daily life. Makeup. Therefore, when creating makeup, if you want to make the makeup exquisite and lasting, it is indispensable to use the powder to set the makeup.

Second, the role of honey powder

1. Make-up: Sweeping the powder can fix the makeup, and the cosmetics will not be easily displaced or peeled off.

2, oil absorption: honey powder can absorb the grease on the surface, so that the makeup to maintain the gloss, can extend the durability of the makeup.

3, modification: When the makeup color is uneven or uncoordinated, the honey powder will play a role in modification.

Third, what is loose powder?

The professional name of loose powder is also called set makeup powder, as the name suggests, is the final step of makeup. Brushing the loose powder is done on behalf of the makeup. It can completely adjust the skin tone, adjust the makeup color, help create a natural makeup, and prevent makeup. In addition, the loose powder has the effect of concealing, it can also brighten the skin and make the skin look very transparent. The new usage of loose powder on the web means scattered "fans."

Fourth, the difference between honey powder and loose powder

Although honey powder and loose powder are a meaning, they are different names for loose powder, but the effect is not the same. Generally, the honey powder is light and transparent, and the makeup surface is clean after use. The honey powder has no concealing function than the loose powder, but generally has the function of sucking oil. And now the color of the powder is more, it is better than the powder in correcting the skin tone.

Loose powder is used for concealing, and it can also be used for sublimation of makeup. Moreover, it is used to further make up the makeup on the powder cake, which makes the skin color more natural and natural. And after the oil and sweat makeup, first use the oil-absorbing paper to absorb the grease, then use the loose powder to make up the makeup effect is excellent.

Five, the general makeup order

Isolation Cream -> Liquid Foundation -> Powder, Loose Powder, Powder

How to use the powder and loose powder: After completing the basic makeup, gently puff a layer on the face with a puff or a brush.

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