Health care, let us fight off the common problem of poor blood and meridian obstruction. Why do you say this? Because urban white-collar workers are busy, stressful, and often sit still, some people even sit for a whole day, but also lack of exercise. Because it maintains a fixed sitting position for a long time, it will definitely affect your health. do you know? We can do health care with a simple comb in our daily life. Let's take a look at its magical effect!

The benefits of love combing are really many

Promote the blood flow of the scalp, just like farmers planting land and loose soil, so that the hair supply of hair follicles is sufficient to promote hair growth. Evenly spread the oil secreted by the hair follicles on each hair, from root to branch to the tip, all moisturized, and the combed hair is shiny and shiny.

Combing your mood and your heart. The hair is blood, the heart is blood, and the heart is hidden. Therefore, hair is spiritual and closely related to people's moods. When people's hair is entangled and entangled, it is also a time when people are in the air. Therefore, in fact, combing the hair is also sorting out the mood, smoothing out the chaos, and unraveling the entanglement, the mood of the person will also change.

Combs not only help to dispel the rheumatism of the head, promote head blood circulation, nourish hair, reduce white hair and prevent hair loss, and have special effects on vertigo caused by hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Because the hair is often stimulated by the combing head, the Baihui, the temple and the Fengchi have blood pressure lowering, the blood pressure is stable, and the vertigo is correspondingly reduced.

Both men and women, even those with thin hair, get up early and comb their hair, which can effectively stimulate many acupoints in the head, which helps the yang to relax and rise. Modern medicine has also proved that this practice can improve the blood circulation of the brain and give the scalp a moderate stimulation to promote blood circulation, which makes people more refreshed.

In fact, not only can comb hair combs, but also different parts of the body can achieve different health goals. Using a comb back or comb handle to massage the large vertebral cavity of the neck can prevent spring cold, malaria, cervical spondylosis, etc.; often comb the back or massage the back with a comb back or comb handle, which can massage the back acupuncture points, thereby promoting blood circulation To alleviate the back pain caused by white-collar workers due to sedentary movements; combing hands often with combs can stimulate the important points of labor, such as Laogong, Yuji and Shaofu, thus strengthening the body's resistance and achieving physical strength. The role of rickets.

For female friends, it is also possible to use a wooden comb to comb the breasts to promote blood circulation of the breasts. On the one hand, it can promote the development of the breasts and keep the breasts firm and full; on the other hand, the postpartum lactation, lactation, and breast pain of pregnant women Diseases such as acute mastitis and lobular hyperplasia of the breast have positive effects.

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