In the packaging of goods and in the printing of labels, gold ink is often used to realize the printing of gold graphics and give people the feeling of exquisite, gorgeous and noble. Gold ink printing, as a special printing method, is slightly different from ordinary ink printing methods in the use of printing raw materials and process operations.

1. Gold ink deployment

Gold ink is made by mixing and mixing gold powder, gold transfer oil and a small amount of auxiliary materials. Ordinary color inks are in the form of paste and stored in the tank. Under normal circumstances, the gold ink is stored in two different containers as gold powder and gold transfer oil. When printing with gold ink, press again. The proportion (usually the ratio of gold powder and gold oil is 1:1) is formulated with gold ink. At present, there are also gold ink supplies that have been deployed on the market and can be printed directly. However, printers should consider factors such as layout ink consumption, printing cycle and product quantity. Because the gold ink is turned on for 1 to 2 hours, its printing performance will change, and it will also lose the original metallic luster, so when using gold ink printing, it is best to use it with adjustment.

2. Gold ink printing process

Gold ink printing generally adopts a neutral or neutral hard lining, and the pressure of the ink roller on the printing plate cannot be too large, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of stencil printing.

When printing, the ink layer on the printing plate is often transferred to the surface of the paper or other substrates. Insufficient ink may even occur. Therefore, in order to achieve saturation of the gold ink and fully exhibit its unique metallic luster, a secondary printing method is generally used. At present, there are two basic methods of secondary printing: First, fake gold ink is used as the background color, and then gold ink is overprinted; second, direct printing of gold ink is performed twice. The fake gold ink used in the former method is usually prepared by using yellow yellow or medium yellow yellow ink as the main ingredient. If the paper is loose, the paper surface is poor in smoothness, false gold ink is mainly yellow, and appropriate amount of gold ink is added. If the paper is tight and the paper surface is smooth, use clear yellow and a small amount of gold ink to mix fake gold ink. When printing, the background ink should be as small as possible, with the principle of not revealing the bottom and not seeping. When the undercoat ink is not completely dry, the ink is overprinted and the amount of ink can be slightly larger, so as to achieve the saturation of the gold ink. When adopting the latter method, it is also necessary to emphasize that it is appropriate to overprint the second pass of gold ink when the first printing of the gold ink is not completely dry. This is because the gold powder in the gold ink is a metallic pigment. Dry and reprint, the particles are not easy to stick.

3. Gold ink printing matters needing attention

(1) The nature of the paper

The nature of the paper has a great influence on the quality of gold ink printing. The higher the paper smoothness and the better the tightness, the better the metal effect of printing; on the contrary, printing on paper with a porous surface and rough texture will have an effect. Poor. In addition, the pH value of the surface of the paper is preferably greater than 5.5, otherwise the sulfate contained in the paper will cause discoloration and blackening of the gold powder when the print is stored in a stack, and even causes the phenomenon that the gold powder is corroded and disappears.

(2) Gold ink printing and graphic

The graphic and graphic of the gold ink printing plate should not be too thin, otherwise it will easily cause the paste plate, and its reflection effect will also be worse.

(3) Wear resistance

The abrasion resistance of the gold layer after printing is an important indicator of the quality of gold ink printing. At present, there are two measures to solve the wear resistance of gold ink: one is to use golden oil with a slightly higher viscosity to mix gold ink, and the other is to coat with bright light after printing.

(4) Discoloration of gold ink

After golden ink printing products are placed for a period of time, the powder will be invaded by sulphur, oxygen, moisture, etc. in the air, making the surface gloss of the imprinting darker and even blackening, affecting the product quality. This is what we commonly call the discoloration of gold ink. Pay attention to the printing process.

(5) Overprint of gold ink and other color inks

Gold ink should be printed on dark ground as much as possible. For example, gold is printed on red, blue, and black. The effect is good. Especially when gold ink is printed on purple, black, dark blue, etc., the effect is better.

In addition, ordinary color inks should also be avoided on gold inks. If you must print ordinary color ink on a large area of ​​gold ink, you should first reduce the viscosity of ordinary ink, and be sure to wait until the gold ink is completely dry before printing, otherwise it will lead to gold ink graphic flowers

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