Ms. Hu, who lives in Dagang Kaixuanyuan, reported to this newspaper that each time he went to the scrap collection station for sale, he often smelled a strong strange smell. This strange smell smelled very uncomfortable, but he did not know that it was from What comes out. "On one occasion, I accidentally stepped on a glass bottle when I went to sell it and was nearly fainted. Is it chemical inside?"

Waste Recycling Station Takes Back "Poison"

After receiving the report from Ms. Hu, the reporter immediately drove to the waste collection station near the Dagang Kaixuan Garden. After an investigation and interview, the reporter found that the waste collection station even dared to recycle the bottles containing anesthetics and highly toxic chemical reagents.

At 10 o'clock the day before yesterday, reporters found a pile of brown glass bottles in the corner of the purchasing station. Some of the glass bottles had been broken. Some of the undamaged bottles on the label saw “dichloromethane” and “dichlorobis”. "Alkane" and other words, the reporter also found in the inspection, there are still a large number of these bottles of anhydrous ether, chloroform and other medical anesthetic, most of the bottles of residual half a bottle of liquid, the reporter broke a bottle After anhydrous ether, the strong smell of residual liquid suffocates.


Afterwards, the reporter reported this issue to the Dagang Environmental Protection Bureau's petition office. A staff member who asked not to be named told reporters that such drugs as ether and chloroform (commonly known as chloroform) are toxic and are very powerful anesthetic agents. The drugs that are strictly controlled by the state, once discarded at will and used by criminals, have disastrous consequences. Many scientific research institutions and companies deal with this type of compound and its containers only in accordance with the provisions of this unit, and the country has not yet introduced the provisions in this area, resulting in the possibility of toxic residues are "associated" recovery.

The staff member stated that for those chemical wastes with strong toxicity, the recovery unit must be certified by the environmental protection authority for the recovery of toxic and hazardous substances. When recycling, it must strictly comply with the “Toxic Chemicals Management Regulations” and after non-toxic treatment Professionals recycle, so it is illegal for the waste collection station to accidentally recycle these toxic chemical reagent bottles. They will go to the scene to view and investigate them according to the actual situation.

Harmful? Recycled owner said I do not know

"How much is this bottle of yours?" The reporter then took an anhydrous ether bottle and entered the scrap room of the waste collection station on the grounds that the chemical factory sold the bottle. "This thing is five cents a pound." Faced with a reporter's question, the boss said without looking up. “So cheap?” In the face of reporters' questions, the boss told reporters impatiently that the taste was too big and the acquisition was good. The boss also told reporters that after they had collected these bottles from a nearby small chemical plant, they directly poured the residue into the ground. However, because they were too strong, they were not broken and they were not broken. The bottle of chemical reagents is left there, and it is shipped to the glass factory. In the interview, the boss also told reporters that the reagent bottles were collected from some of the surrounding workshops and factories. However, when the reporter asked the boss if these things were toxic and would cause harm to the surrounding environment, the boss told reporters with a wooden face. This thing can only be understood.

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