There are mainly the following ways to sterilize the caps:

1. Immersion type: The plastic bottle cap is soaked in sterilizing Water, so that the entire bottle cap is subjected to sterilizing water cleaning. The soaking time should also be determined according to the strength of the sterilizing water. Generally, the sterilizing water soaking time with strong oxidizing ability can meet the time requirement for complete sterilization of the bottle cap within 10 to 20 seconds. One method is: the bottle caps with the same direction are fixed on the bottle racks, and the bottle racks are connected to the chains. The movement of the chain drives the bottle racks into the sterilization tank with bactericidal water and completely soaks the bottles in the sterilizing water. The soaking time of the beverage bottle cap can meet the time requirement of full cap sterilization in 10-20 seconds. Just like the spray sterilizing method, the sterilized water immersed cap also needs the spraying of sterile water and the jet of sterile air, so that the liquid bottle cap is dry and sterile.

2, spray type: the use of multiple sets of nozzles, spray sterilization in multiple directions, so as to the surface of the beverage cap sterilization, the injection time also has certain requirements, to ensure that the microorganisms can be completely killed. The specific method is as follows: the cover of the beverage bottle after the lid is covered into the bottle cover track in a consistent direction, and multiple sets of spray heads are arranged on the upper and lower sides of the track. Each set of spray heads can spray the sterilizing water to the drink bottle cover from different angles, and the sprayed sterilizing water Both the cap is sterilized and the cap is pushed along the track.

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