Life lies in sports, technology makes the movement full of wisdom, life is ideal, and fashion makes your life more beautiful. Technology facilitates people's convenience and brings resonance to fashion. From people's eating and clothing to food, clothing, housing, technology, and fashion, they are always influencing people's lives. People enjoy the convenience of technology while also eager to follow fashion. The tide has gained fashion favor.

Summer is the season when people are most active and most sensitive to fashion, and it is also the peak period for people to go out together. When the wind of fashion blew through the summer of 2011, it was not difficult to find that people were eager for fashion and they also had an urgent need for outdoor clothing. That is, it requires comfort and convenience, full of science and technology content, but also the pursuit of fashion, leading the trend. Korean outdoor brand KOLON SPORT launches this summer series, integrates technology and fashion, and is embodied in outdoor products. It meets people's needs and is highly praised by many outdoor enthusiasts. It brings surprises to people and leads fashion. Wind - to meet your sports, fashion your life.

KOLON SPORT is committed to developing a variety of best ways to get along with nature. In spring and summer 2011, we have introduced more powerful extreme series, hiking series and new travel series. We have strengthened the design function for real outdoor enthusiasts. The Travel Series meets the needs of young, savvy customers with a modern, stylish design.

The Extreme Series is KOLON SPORT's 38 years of tradition and technology with the highest performance product range. After field tests by experts such as the Himalayan Alpine Expedition team and polar expeditions, they are the products that have passed the extreme environmental test and provide the best protection for the body, highlighting the sense of science and technology. The hiking series focuses on the functional and detailed design of outdoor apparel. Suitable for outdoor sports such as short-term mountain trips, plus fashion design in colors, patterns, printing and dyeing, has led the trend and led fashion. The design of the new travel series is inspired by the diversity of nature. Whether it is the element of KOLON SPORT, an evergreen tree, or the flashing of fireflies in the forest as a symbol of outdoor sports or the movement of various natural elements. The use of the reinterpretation of the nature of the performance of nature, combined with the bold use of color and fluorescence, silhouette and other ideas, full of fashion sense, leading the trend, fashion life.

Avant-garde style, unique design, technological content, fashion trend, I believe that in the summer, KOLON SPORT will bring you more surprises, more joy - science and technology your sports, fashion your life.

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