A dental implant is tens of thousands of dollars, but if there are requirements for materials, such as gold teeth and palladium teeth, the cost will be more expensive. Fortunately, the current local tyrants have not appeared after the launch of the Digital Medical Oral Center in Guangyu Dental. The reporter recently learned from the hospital that after the large-scale application of 3D printing technology to the Department of Stomatology, the time cost of implanting teeth will be reduced by at least half a year.


In normal adults, the total oral teeth should be around 32. However, due to the public's awareness of oral health care, methods are also inappropriate. The incidence of dental caries in Guangzhou and even the whole country is about 30%-50%, and the incidence of periodontitis is 70%.

The 55-year-old Lao Liu is a typical young and middle-aged patient with severe tooth loss. Among the 32 teeth, only 14 teeth are left, and the upper 9 is 5, the chewing function and appearance are affected, and even the words are leaking.

"Because of the long absence time, even the alveolar bone has shrunk, and even if it is planted, it needs to repair and fix the alveolar bone." Yang Xuechao, director of the Digital Dental Medical Center of the hospital, said. According to the previous dental implant technology, the alveolar bone repair needs titanium mesh as a bedding, and the commercial titanium mesh needs to be repaired and repaired continuously to determine the shape of the mouth conforming to Lao Liu, which takes a long time. However, with the 3D printing technology, the shape and curvature required for the titanium mesh can be instantaneously obtained. Re-assisted with bone powder and filling, the alveolar bone repair in the past at least half a year can be shortened to less than 3 months.

Another major application of 3D printing technology in the oral field is that there is no need to re-copy the mold, and the error printed is very small. The biteness of the upper and lower jaws after planting and repairing the teeth is very consistent, and there is no problem that chewing can not be strong. . And it can save more than half a year.

Yang Xuechao said that there is no need to ask for the number of dental implants. It is often necessary to choose a fixed point for planting and use it as a pier. Other teeth can be filled with porcelain teeth to reduce the cost of patients.

It is reported that at present, one of the two printing equipments of the center is used for molding resin materials, and there is also a metal printer capable of directly printing five kinds of metal dentures and tooth bases such as stainless steel, gold and palladium. The printed mold has only a 0.02 mm error. "There is no local tyrant to request the printing of pure gold dentures, but the application prospects of the equipment will be very broad in the future, because the pedestal required for dental restoration can be directly printed by the machine."


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