The selection of lamps and lanterns in the final stage of the home improvement process is also something that many people tend to overlook. Some people will arrange their favorite lamps indoors, which leads to chaotic layout and light use; some people only install a lamp for saving, the space seems monotonous. Choosing the right lamp not only depends on the type of lamp, but also on the space. Choose suitable lamps for the home and create a different atmosphere for the space.

1. Various types of lamps

There are many types of lamps on the market, with different materials, sizes, number of light sources, etc. These lamps can be used in the home. Let's follow the editor to see what common lamps are.

Pendant lamps: Common pendant lamps include European-style candlesticks, Chinese pendant lamps, and crystal pendant lamps. The pendant lamps are mostly used in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms with large areas and a floor height of not less than 2.2 meters.

Ceiling lights: Common ceiling lights include square covers, round balls, hemispherical shapes, rectangular cover ceiling lights, etc. The ceiling lights have a smaller irradiation area than pendant lights, and are suitable for small living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other spaces.

Table lamp: The style, shape and material of the table lamp are very variable. The material includes ceramics, wood, iron art, copper art, etc. The light source is divided into light bulb, lamp tube, lamp bead table lamp and so on. The compact shape of the desk lamp allows it to be placed in any corner of the home, and is generally used on the workbench and study desk in the living room, bedroom.

Wall lamps: The most common wall lamps are double-headed magnolia wall lamps, double-headed olive wall lamps, double-headed drum-shaped wall lamps, etc. The wall lamps are installed no less than 1.8 meters from the ground, and are generally used for the lighting of corridors, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Spotlight: The light of the spotlight directly shines on the object that needs to be emphasized to achieve the effect of highlighting and increasing the level. At the same time, the spotlight is used for local lighting and can well enhance the home atmosphere. Generally, the spotlight is installed around the ceiling and the background wall , Inside the baseboard.

Floor lamp: Floor lamp is generally not used as the main lamp, often used as local lighting, very practical for creating a corner atmosphere. Generally, the floor lamp is about 1.8 meters above the ground, and the lighting method is mainly downward projection. It is suitable for the corner of the sofa and the reading area of ​​the study.

Second, it is best to look at the space to choose lamps

Different types of lamps have their suitable positions. Before deciding which lamps to choose, it is necessary to consider the space situation. It is most wise to find the lamps with the right space.

1. Look at the height:

If the room height is less than 3 meters, it is not suitable to use long pole chandelier or high sag crystal lamp, so the general large chandelier is suitable for villa or duplex family.

2. Size:

The area of ​​the lamp should not be larger than 2-3% of the room area. If the lighting is small and the lighting is insufficient, you can add floor lamps, spotlights, desk lamps and other auxiliary lamps in the space.

3. Weight:

The weight of the lighting should not exceed the load-bearing capacity of the top surface, otherwise it is prone to falling hazards. Generally, the lamps directly installed on the floor slab are not easy to fall due to the strong load bearing of the floor slab. Try to be as light as possible.

4. Watt:

Lamps with high wattage are not the best. The higher the wattage, the higher the brightness. The wattage should be selected according to the space area. The space for 15-18 square meters should be 60-80W, and the space for 30-40 square meters. 100-150W lamps.

Third, pay attention to the selection of lamps and not to buy expensive

Many people think that the quality of expensive lamps can only be guaranteed, but in fact, the right to buy the right is the key, pay attention to signs, safety, appearance, etc. when buying lamps.

Check the logo: When buying a lamp, you need to check whether the brand name, model, rated voltage, function, etc. of the lamp are complete and correct. The rated power of the lamp must be consistent with the actual demand, and the instruction manual must be enclosed in the lamp package.

Look at the appearance: The appearance of the lamp should be exquisite, the structure is reasonable, and there are no sharp edges and burrs on the edge, so as not to damage the wire insulation layer, cause short circuit or the shell is electrified, and the shell must have a certain thickness to avoid deformation.

Safety: There are a variety of designed lamps on the market. The safety is the key when buying. The live parts of the lamps need to be protected by covers. The live parts should not be touched after the light bulb is screwed in. The kitchen and bathroom lamps must be waterproof and moisture-proof. lampshade.

Lamp wire: The minimum cross-sectional area of ​​the wire is not less than 0.5mm / m2, otherwise the wire is prone to short circuit.

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