Fitness girls make friends without paying attention to others;

Anyway, they are not poor;

Fitness girls always cry poorly;

Not being sentimental but really poor;

As for how a poor law... you will know when you see it!

First of all,

They have to do a fitness card.

If you don’t practice, no one will practice,

They have to consider asking for private education.


What if you meet a male god in the gym?

They want to buy beautiful sports shoes, sports bras,

Sports tops, sports vests,

Sports shorts, sports pants, sports pants...


Of course, there are still many,

Sweat towel, sports cup,

Portable tonic box, sportswear backpack, sports headphones...

"Three-point training, seven points to eat",

For a scientifically rigorous diet,

They want to eat eggs, beef, chicken, fish, seafood,

Brown rice, sweet potato, organic cereals, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit,

Import skimmed milk, healthy nuts...

Sometimes I want to add something tonic,

Such as whey protein powder, creatine, branched chain amino acids,

L-carnitine, nitrogen pump, deep sea fish oil,

CLA, multivitamins...

Be sure to prepare at home:

Household dumbbells, household elastic ropes, yoga mats,

Foam shaft, resin roller...


Also have a good mobile phone and a good camera to shoot!

the most important is,

With a good body, you need to buy beautiful clothes!

I bought a good mood,

If you are in a good mood, you will want to eat.

If you eat too much, you have to continue to exercise.

So I fell into the "endless abyss" of buying, buying, eating, eating, practicing and practicing flowers and flowers.

How much money can they still have?

But then again,

It's all "value"!

You know this tight body and healthy gas field.

After reading the boy you remember to transfer to you

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