English name: Bromelaine
Other names: pineapple enzyme; wind pear enzyme
CAS number: 37189-34-7 or 9001-00-7

Level: BioChemika
Vitality: ≥600u / mg
Moisture: ≤8.0%
Experimental environmental conditions: temperature 26.0 ℃, humidity 65.0%
The most suitable temperature: 50-60 ℃
Deactivation temperature: 65 ℃
Suitable PH: 5.0-8.0
Inactivated PH: below 3.0 and above 9.5
Properties: white to light yellow powder, a kind of biologically active enzyme, extracted from the ripe fruit of pineapple, refined, purified, concentrated, enzyme immobilized, freeze-dried, with a slight pineapple special smell The molecular weight is 33000 and the isoelectric point is 9.55
Uses: biochemical research.
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