What aspects of health care should women pay attention to? If you don't usually pay attention to these women, take a look at the following regimens.

a cup of boiled water in the morning and evening

A cup in the morning can clean the intestines and replenish the water lost at night; a cup in the evening ensures that the blood is not too thick due to lack of water overnight. The thickening of the blood will accelerate the hypoxia and pigmentation of the brain, and the aging will come early. Therefore, the role of drinking water per night cannot be underestimated.

a multivitamin complex

In modern women, women who are dieting for weight loss abound, which makes it difficult to ensure adequate nutrition. Therefore, supplementing essential vitamins and trace elements every day is a must for modern beauty care. If you are over 30 years old, in order to delay the onset of aging, vitamins C and E must be supplemented.

a cup of vinegar

Women are still a bit "vinegar". Eating vinegar in three meals a day can delay the hardening of blood vessels, which is already repeated health care knowledge.

a bag of fresh milk

This is used to supplement calcium and also helps with beauty. Because milk is the cheapest and most effective cosmetic mask.

a bottle of mineral water

Be sure to choose a veritable mineral water that contains trace elements and minerals that the body needs.

a cup of tea

Women must drink tea. If there is no problem with the stomach, green tea and oolong tea are best. Especially for women who want to lose weight, tea is the most natural and effective weight loss agent. Nothing can eliminate intestinal fat more than tea.

a tomato

Among the fruits and vegetables, tomatoes are the highest in vitamin C content, so at least one tomato per day is guaranteed to meet the vitamin C required for one day. If you are not working hard, you should drink at least one effervescent tablet drink made with vitamin C every day.

a hydrating mask

Before going to sleep every night, make a simple mask, hydrating mask can be done every day, and then apply skin care products, so that the evening skin can get the most scientific repair.

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