Labels are everywhere in our lives. Each item will have a label. The label describes the material, manufacturer, date of manufacture, various precautions, and more. The commonly used tags are the following:

(1) Heat shrink labels

(2) Direct screen printing labels

(3) Adhesive labels

(4) In-mold label

One: heat shrink label

The use of heat-shrinkable films (mainly PVC films) as packaging labels, the relative cost of self-adhesive labels and direct screen-printed labels is low, but heat-shrinkable labels are easily damaged and the overall image is not good, which is not conducive to environmental protection.

II: Direct Screen Printing Labels

The direct screen printing label is to print the pattern and text on the container packaging by screen printing. The overall effect is good, and the pattern and text have texture, but the direct screen printing quality is not ideal, and it is difficult to reflect the fine pattern and small text , If the color is more, the price of direct screen printing is more expensive.

Three: Adhesive labels (adhesive labels)

Adhesive labels (mainly self-adhesive labels) can perfectly represent the requirements of exquisite labels, but their cost is more expensive than that of heat-shrink film labels.

Self-adhesive labels are also called self-adhesive labels, timely stickers, sticky notes, pressure-sensitive labels, and so on. They are made of paper, film, or special materials, coated with adhesive, and coated with silicon protective paper as a base paper. Composite materials are processed into labels after printing and die-cutting.

Self-adhesive labels are very convenient to use. Simply remove the backing paper and use it without glue. Applicable to various substrate surfaces.

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