[China Washing Cosmetics Net Report] With the cosmetics that I look forward to buying, after using it, not only does it not have the effect of skin care, but allergies of cosmetics make the beautiful face suffer the result of “disfigurement”, which has become the heart of many beauty lovers. The pain. Is cosmetic allergies appearing to buy the wrong product? Or is it caused by the wrong cosmetic ingredients? Many problems have made cosmetic allergic people discouraged from the dazzling makeup products, and dare not try again. In fact, allergens causing cosmetic allergies are mainly spices, preservatives, dyes and emulsifiers, which are commonly found in skin care, freckle and acne products. The production of cosmetic allergies is also related to each individual's own immunity. If the cell body is immune to imbalance, the probability of cosmetic allergies is high. If it is sensitive skin, check the product ingredients before purchasing the product, containing alcohol, salicylic acid preservative. Skin care products such as artificial flavors and other ingredients can easily cause cosmetic allergies. It is best to test before use.

Usually, whitening, freckle, and acne-removing types of beauty cosmetics have a high incidence of cosmetic allergies due to the presence of many active ingredients and complex varieties. Summer is a season of high allergies in cosmetics. Because of the strong sunlight and sweating in the skin, the application of cosmetics can hinder the excretion of sweat and cause skin allergies. Cosmetics are allergic to the skin or allergic to the skin. Symptoms are mainly dry and itchy skin, red rash on the face, blisters, redness on the face, and a stinging sensation on the face. Common examples are dry skin. Uses allergies and allergies caused by toners containing high acidity and high acidity, and uses skin irritations caused by defamatory ingredients. Many of the current beauty and skin care products are made of chemical substances. Although they can improve many skin problems, if you don't pay attention, you may cause cosmetic allergies. This is because you use cosmetics that do not match your skin type, or use them. Inferior quality cosmetics containing harmful ingredients cause skin irritation and allergies. In the summer when the temperature is relatively high, the cosmetics are mixed with the skin sweat at a higher temperature, which is more likely to cause cosmetic allergies.

Cosmetics are not as expensive as possible, so there will be no allergies? This is not the case. No matter what brand of cosmetics is used, the ingredients will inevitably have chemical elements, which are the direct cause of cosmetic allergies. Healthy skin is rarely an allergic condition because the skin itself is sufficiently resistant, and unless it is very irritated, the probability of cosmetic allergies is low. How to deal with cosmetic allergies? Many people will use oral or topical drugs to solve the problem of cosmetic allergies. In fact, most common methods for solving cosmetic allergies are to temporarily improve the skin's resistance. Once the drug is stopped, the allergic condition will continue to occur, even Aggravated. The best solution to allergies to cosmetics is anti-allergic desensitization treatment. The United States Seven-Link Desensitization Natural Therapy uses the world-class grape seed OPC purification process, which is made by 38 high-tech bio-processes. More than 500 kinds of products, more than 50 times more effective than single-sided products, to achieve desensitization of nearly a thousand allergens. On the one hand, it protects allergic cells, sequesters allergens and their reactions, making it difficult to release allergens; on the other hand, by regulating humoral immunity, it fundamentally improves allergies, creates an introduction environment for the skin, and removes redness from the skin. Cosmetic allergies such as fever, and can automatically repair skin damaged by cosmetic allergies, restore skin health.

In the cosmetics and skin care products on the market, in order to achieve the effect of improving the skin, it is often unscrupulous to add a large amount of chemical components, and the serious lead and mercury exceed the standard, which is extremely harmful to the skin. When rubbing with cosmetics, if there is redness or burning and itching, be sure to stop allergic cosmetics. The first step in solving the problem of cosmetic allergy is to make effective cleaning. No matter what kind of cosmetics are used, it must be effectively cleaned to prevent the chemical components remaining on the face from harming the skin. If cosmetic allergies have already occurred and the skin on your face becomes sensitive, it is best not to use irritating facial cleanser and wash your face with water. Many cosmetic allergies are not allergic reactions to the skin when it first comes into contact with new cosmetics. Instead, it has to go through an "induction period", usually several days or a week, but a few weeks or even longer. That is to say, after a period of time, an allergic reaction will occur. However, when this ingredient is encountered later, the time of allergic reaction will be shortened a lot. It may take several hours or one to two days, and the skin will have cosmetic allergy symptoms. Allergic people are sensitive to skin, and smearing seemingly simple cosmetics can also cause adverse reactions. Therefore, people who are allergic to skin, when buying a new cosmetic, it is best to rub a little behind the ear or inside the arm, observe for a period of time, the skin does not have an allergic reaction and then use, so as not to cause cosmetic allergy problems.

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