Nowadays, the days of the people are getting better and better, and new furniture and electrical appliances must be added to the new home. However, some unscrupulous merchants often use high-quality household products to make samples to attract consumers to buy, and then they will look similar, but products with different materials and qualities are sent to consumers' homes. Consumers can't prevent this kind of adjustment, and often eat dumb yellow lotus, and they can't tell.

Buying furniture encounters "transfer"

On the afternoon of August 18, Ms. Liu, who lives in the bridgehead of the Sanqiao Bridge in Yuetang District, was particularly relaxed. The problem of the table that had troubled her for nearly a month was finally solved. She and the merchant had already negotiated a good return.

The table goods sent is not on the board

On August 12, Ms. Liu reported to the newspaper's news hotline 58266666 that in July this year, she booked a set of “Zhangoyu” brand solid wood dining table in a furniture store in Jindu Furniture Market, Shaziling, Yuhu District. It was found that the dining table was not solid wood at all. However, when she came to the furniture store to discuss the story, the furniture store had already changed hands, and she wanted to defend her rights.

According to Ms. Liu, since the new house has just been renovated, new furniture needs to be added. On July 18, she introduced her furniture to the Friends Furniture Store in Jindu Furniture Market through a friend's introduction. The store owner recommended to her a table called "Zhang Guoqi", which is made of solid wood and equipped with six stools in two colors, walnut and white. The price is 3,500 yuan.

Ms. Liu, who has always been fond of solid wood furniture, carefully observed the table recommended by the store owner. She found that the set of table materials in the store was indeed solid wood. She liked it and decided to buy it. The color was chosen as walnut. When buying, Ms. Liu repeatedly told the store owner that the material must be solid wood. As long as the goods are good, the price is not expensive, and the store owner has repeatedly promised that the material is solid wood. After some bargaining, the two sides sold 2,480 yuan, Ms. Liu paid a deposit of 200 yuan on the spot, and agreed with the store owner to deliver the goods on August 2.

On August 2nd, the booked table will be delivered to Ms. Liu’s home. Thinking that she had already seen the material of the table in the store, Ms. Liu did not look at it. After the table was installed, she handed over the remaining 2,280 yuan to the installer.

However, when Ms. Liu cleaned up, she found that the wooden table with the stool was not strong. Three of the four screws on the stool were not fixed to the wooden board. As long as the stool was slightly moved, the wooden board might fall off. At this time, Ms. Liu went to carefully check the quality of the table, and did not know it. When she saw it, the material of the table was not solid wood at all.

Furniture store owner owner playing "missing"

In this situation, Ms. Liu was very angry. "I was introduced by a friend, why is it so untrustworthy?" On August 3, Ms. Liu called the store owner and found that his mobile phone was down and could not be contacted. So, Ms. Liu once again found a furniture store. At this time, a man in the furniture store said that the store has changed the boss, and now the boss is surnamed Guo, just took over.

Ms. Liu explained her situation to the man. The man said that he did not know and could not help her. I hope that Ms. Liu will negotiate with the former boss. But the original boss phone has been unable to dial, how does she find her? Ms. Liu suddenly fell into awkward situation.

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