You may not have seen the star "face". Whether it is cross-border or cross-age, whether or not these "face-to-face" stars are on the same stage, let's look at the photos and have pictures of the truth. Hollywood beauty "collision face" big collection! Do you still have enough confidence to accurately call out the name of your idol?
1. Minka Kelly vs Litton Meister

Counting Hollywood actress "Bumping face"

The two stars were said to be super-like at first, and they also played a movie together. When the two are together, the intimacy is like a sister flower.
2, Kim Kardashian vs Nikos Schagegg

Counting Hollywood actress "Bumping face"

Kim Kardashian has a large family of sisters, but they all have their own looks. Who can think of Kim Sister's "collision" with the unrelated Nicole Scherzinger?
3. Zoe Danschel vs Katy Perry

Counting Hollywood actress "Bumping face"

The same blue eyes, the same sweet smile, the small fresh Zoey Deschanel and the American sweet girl Katy Perry also had a sister face.

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