The beautiful summer is a moment when women show off their bodies, but have you noticed many of the body modifications that should be done? Excessive body hair often becomes the number one problem for women, so hair removal becomes a must for female beauty to meet the summer. In the face of all kinds of hair removal methods and tools, how to choose can make you get rid of it. The eye-catching small hair can not damage the delicate skin? The following tips will help you solve the hair removal problem easily!

Summer hair removal

Hair removal tips

1, first trim the hair too long

Since it is not easy to remove the hair because it is too long, it is recommended that you trim the hair that is too long to be removed to about 0.5cm.

2, shower for 2 to 3 minutes to soften the hair

It is necessary to moisten the hair removal part with hot water before depilation, about 2 to 3 minutes, so it is easier to remove, but do not shower for too long, because moisture will make the skin wrinkle and swelling, it will be because of hair removal Not enough to apply and it is easy to hurt the skin.

3. Hair removal along the growth direction of the hair

Remove the hair in the direction of hair growth, and remove the harder parts of the hair removal, and then remove the better shaved parts.

4, clean the skin

After removing the hair, it is inevitable that the broken hair will be on the body. You can use warm water to clean the parts after hair removal, and then wipe it with a towel.

5, moisturize and maintain skin

Finally, use a moisturizing lotion to apply and protect the skin after hair removal, so that the skin after hair removal is smoother and smoother. In this way, you can enjoy the beautiful summer.

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