The makeup of the Korean actress is different from the makeup shown in our common makeup tutorial. There is no super-existing eye makeup made of false eyelashes, eye shadows, etc. There is no three-dimensional cheeks modified with shadows and high-gloss powder, and no sweetness or exoticism created by blush...
Korean drama heroine, natural and fresh universal makeup
But the almost makeup-free makeup effect brings a different kind of comfort, nature and freshness.
Next, we will send you a simple step to create a universal makeup for the Korean actress!
Base makeup
The facial makeup of the Korean drama heroine rarely uses blush, shadow and highlight to modify the three-dimensional sense; the cream and foundation can create an innocent and clear delicate foundation.
Base makeup product recommendation
Left: Shu Uemura Isolation Makeup Solution? 350/28ml
Available in beige and pink. Beige, covered with red blood, natural makeup; pink, make the makeup bright and transparent.
Right: Shu Uemura Plastic Light Foam Foundation? 420/65g
The air-like mousse texture perfectly fits the skin, instantly creating a light, translucent, extremely clean look. The light texture of the foam makes the whole day light and hydrated, creating a natural foundation for air!
Eye makeup
Naturally thick eyebrows, slender and delicate invisible eyeliner, and light eyelashes create a fresh and fresh eye makeup in addition to the heroine of the Korean drama.
Eye makeup recommendation
Left: New natural fine mascara new products are not priced
The delicate brush head allows the mascara to not miss every eyelash, the natural length and thick effect, adding a sense of glamour to the eyes while not lacking freshness.
Medium: Benefit Pui Ling Fei perfect eyebrow combination ¥350
In addition to the tools and make-ups that modify the eyebrows, there are also intimate tutorials.
Right: benefit belleling magic ink ink no eye line liquid ¥ 210/2.5 ml
The extremely fine brush head can smoothly draw the beautiful black eyeliner of <0.1cm, and it is not blooming for a long time. Even if the eyes love oily friends, you can keep it for more than 10 hours!
Lip makeup
There is no red lips to bring the sexy, no pink to bring the sweet, natural and beautiful lips bring a fresh feeling of unconventional.
Lip makeup recommended
Left: Shu Uemura colorless lip gloss BG930N ?220
Maintains the original lip color while adding a natural glow to the lips.
Right: benefit bai Ling 妃 smooth and smooth lipstick nude pink ¥ 190
The silky texture has a good moisturizing effect, giving the lips a natural radiance.

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