China Education Equipment Procurement Network News: Recently, IntelliSAW, a leading provider of next-generation wireless sensor systems for smart grids, has reached an exclusive distribution agreement with Brazilian company Adperc. Adperc will provide distribution, system integration and marketing services for IntelliSAW Brazil's innovative wireless / passive temperature monitoring system for power transmission and distribution systems.

Adperc is a key testing, control and monitoring equipment provider in the power industry, with offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Adperc was founded in 1985 and the company has formed partnerships with major companies in the Brazilian power generation and distribution market.

With IntelliSAW's unique electrical switch temperature detection system, Adperc can expand into the smart grid market. IntelliSAW technology enables real-time, continuous monitoring of mission-critical power substation switches.

The sensors of IntelliSAW's patented wireless solution do not need any electrical energy, which is convenient for installation and system debugging, and avoids any arc or flashover problems. In addition, the IntelliSAW system can use the instantaneous monitoring and control standard protocol to directly output data to the existing communication network.

Adalc Commercial Director AdalbertoPereiraJunior commented: "I am very pleased to incorporate IntelliSAW's most advanced power monitoring system into our smart grid solution. The IntelliSAW system has a robust, flexible and highly scalable architecture to cope with the adverse environment encountered during switch installation. Ideal tool. No sensors are needed after the system is installed; it can reduce continuous maintenance costs, improve the safety of service personnel, and maximize the uptime of the system. "

Tom Cunneen, CEO of IntelliSAW commented, "We are very pleased that Adperc has become the exclusive distributor of IntelliSAW in the Brazilian market. Brazil's smart grid technology is growing strongly, and Adperc has a huge market share in this market, and it is bound to become a powerful partner of IntelliSAW in the region. Our The next-generation sensor system has huge cost and safety advantages over traditional switch monitoring products. We believe that this product can play a key role in the development of the Brazilian power generation market and meet the growing demand of this booming economy. "

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