Material difference

In addition to the poor accuracy and the large error, inferior products are still cutting corners at many important sites, resulting in a decline in product quality. In order to seize the market share, low-quality indentation line manufacturers use cutting-edge methods to reduce product costs, so that their products can enter the market at a relatively low price. For example, the width of the indentation line bottom mold is based on an indentation line of model number 0,5 x 7.5mm. For example, the bottom mold width of a poor quality product is generally only 1.82mm, while that of a high quality product reaches 2. 5mm. A wider width of the bottom mold means a larger contact area, which facilitates the bottom mold to be more firmly attached to the spear cutting base plate.

Another example is to protect the bottom mold tape. The tape used in inferior products is even narrower than the bottom mold. The consequence of this is that parts of the bottom mold have lost the protection of the protective rubber before use and can easily lose its viscosity when used. When the die-cutting machine runs at a high speed, the bottom mold easily falls out, resulting in damage to the die-cutting machine. Losses caused by downtime, machine maintenance, etc. will be even greater. The bottom mold protection tape of the high-quality indentation line can completely cover the bottom mold, so that the entire bottom mold has strong adhesiveness during use, effectively avoids the indentation line from falling off and causes damage to the machine, and at the same time, improves the accuracy of die cutting. .

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